Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A chance meeting 54 years ago. First and last.

"There was a guy up on the stage wearing a checked shirt, looking pretty good, singing a song I loved, the Del-Vikings' Come Go With Me. He was filling in with blues lines, I thought that was good, and he was singing well." —Paul McCartney, in the audience that day, on his first impressions of the guy he would meet later that day.

John had to wear glasses from a young age, and he hated it back then. He was legally blind without them, but left them off anyway whenever he possibly could. He despised his "National Health" glasses, and came up with these Buddy Holly imitations which he didn't wear very long, either.
Last photo of song writing team Lennon-McCartney.

This stuff came from: "Discover the power of your voice and become a translater in the U.S. Army."


  1. 54 years? Oh. I was going to say "and the rest is history". It really is history.

  2. John, Paul, oh excuse me while I scream my ecstasy!
    This cannot be 54 years. I remember the Beatles beginnings well and that was just a couple of years ago.



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