Sunday, June 3, 2012

Can you name the counties of Wales?

Calling all Cymru-philes.

Some folks of Scots ancestry (one, at any rate) have made not-so-veiled  accusations that the English only bother to learn about England. I know that isn't true.

Prove that you know all the counties of Wales by taking the quiz at this link.

Open to Scots and Americans as well. Not sure about prizes yet.

How did your ingenious American host do? Well, so far I have tried only one. The question: "Where is Pembrokeshire?" I guessed "in Wales", but they made you click on a county on the map. So I did. It responded, "No, that's Ceredigion, try again." So I tredigion agion, and click on another area of the map: "No, that's Newport - one try left." Well, that's a crock. I know Newport is either in England or Rhode Island, right? This game is rigged, I can tell you that. There are still about 20-odd shaded areas left I haven't clicked on, but they give me only one more chance. Truthfully? I think this is a map of Lithuania. (That's the ship the Germans sunk off Ireland in El Greta.) Something else that's unfair: your possible score goes down with each wrong guess. What's up with that?

I know it ain't the island 'way at the top. Lemme think.


  1. 37/66. No problems with North Wales - Wrecsam, Anglesey, Conwy etc - but there are too many little counties in south Wales!

    1. Dear Almost American: Eish! That's plenty of trouble already, just with the one's you've named! :) Thank you for stopping by.

  2. I thought all Wales was just a county of England.........

  3. Do you want them in English or in Welsh?

    1. I would like them in mouse clicks, please. :)



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