Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cricket Fanpics


  1. Great photos. Like they say, a picture says a thousand words. And your photos were practically screaming...nice job!

  2. You haven't got the half of it really. See this and this for instance. How the tradition of wearing fancy dress grew up is not entirely clear, but some say it was so that people who skipped work to go to a televised match wouldn't be recognised.

  3. Henson, thanks. The cricket fans are ever so interesting, don't you think? Especially the werewolf who was trying unsuccessfully to change back to human form again. I thought.

    Sheila, I sincerely HOPE I got the half of it. 'Cause there damn sure ain't gonna be any more.

    And you are probably right about the disguises. I read somewhere that most employers watch every second of the televised games in hopes of recognizing one of their hooky-playing employees. I think someone sent me a postcard with that information on it once.

    And Sheila? I wrote you a poem. Did your friend give it to you? Would you go to the movies with me Saturday? Ummm, I mean would you go see a FILM with me?

  4. PS - Sheila, please don't be putting up any more links in your comments to porn sites, k? Thanks.

  5. Woo hoo. Brings back memories. I never got farther than local matches - where we ladies provided lunch... Complete with cucumber sanies, tea and biscuits...
    I must admit - I enjoyed the cricket though. Being a wog, I had scores of people who were more than happy to explain the game to me, and although I never got the mid-off/silly mid-on stuff right, it's been one of the few sports I've been able to watch without dislocating my jaw...
    I know. I'm weird.

  6. Hello Stine. Your infrequent appearances on these pages is relished. I must say that I find it hard to believe that the game of cricket is played in your fair country, and so your pretensions of watching matches and bringing food thereto, must come from your earlier incarnation as a British wife. You are so knowledgeable about everything British, I quite believe you. And I still love you. Please come back. (Not to Britain - screw Britain - to my blog.) :)



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