Thursday, January 22, 2015

That's simply offal!!

Did you know Haggis is illegal to import into the U.S.?

True. At least not the real stuff made with traditional ingredients.

"Livestock lungs shall not be saved for use as human food." Federal regulation. Honest.

So, in the USA, people have to either smuggle it in or eat the fake stuff (made with substitutes for the sheep lungs.) The lungs give haggis texture and that marvelous nutty taste.

Have you ever wondered why real Haggis makes you throw up? Even without floating it in whiskey? Fun fact: ground up sheep lung is the main active ingredient in ipecac syrup.

I lie.

Want to make your own authentic haggis? You can buy lamb lung chewy treats at your local pet store. Supposedly, that is the truth. So stock up if you don't want to eat the imitation stuff for Robert Burns night this Saturday.



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