Wednesday, January 17, 2007

It has been real. Surreal, in fact

Max is taking a hiatus from blogging. Blogs will no longer be updated. You people have been outlandishly amazing.

Max has some projects that need to be finished up, including this one.

A hiatus is not forever. I will return and track you all down and force-feed you sick humor again one day.

Keep the faith.


  1. It's not april yet, is it?

    Surely you're not serious?

    You realise that the work of explaining Britishspeak to the descendants of the breakaway colonists is incomplete?
    Do you know something we don't? Are we to be annexed and forced to speak American?
    I'm worried.

  2. He's never serious Soubriquet, or at least I've never noticed yet. He has, of course, threatened this before but I fear that this time he has other fish to fry. He may yet come back speaking fluent British. Who knows?

  3. Will miss your posts and your comments on my blog hope you won't be away too long. Enjoy whatever you have planned for this time!

  4. Hey, you say I can't stop blogging and then you do!!

  5. I hope that you and Grumpus will be very happy together.

  6. Ah, Max, I hardly knew ye. But I'm leaving you up on my blogroll so when you return I shall know immediately. Have fun on your projects and come back when you can.

  7. Nice to see you've not abandoned the 'net altogether...



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