Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Year's disclaimer for all my blogs

A blog, I think, is a place where the blogger can stand up on his soapbox and give his opinion, right or wrong. The post doesn’t have to be true or false, right or wrong. It doesn’t have to solve any problems. A blog is only a pulpit. If the content is interesting, a crowd may gather.

And the “comments” section of a blog is the place where listeners get to give their feedback, their own opinions - cheers of agreement or rotten tomatoes of rebuttal.

It’s called “Free Speech” and it is one item on a very short list of things upon which both liberals and conservatives agree is a good thing to have.

I hope nothing on this blog serves to attack you PERSONALLY. I don’t care whether you are a liberal or a conservative or anything else in between. I don’t care about your education, rightness or wrongness or religious or political beliefs. And I don’t really give a damn what color your skin is.

In almost all cases, I am not trying to convert you: I am only putting forth my own opinions. I DO feel that the more information we have at our disposal, the more opinions we have for our consideration, the better and more informed will be our eventual choices that form and mold our personal value systems.

I hope you visit this blog as frequently as you can, and I hope you come prepared to comment. Those who come to clap and cheer and shout out their agreement are welcome, and so are the ones who think I live on another planet. I love to argue. But I am swayed most often by logic and truth and reality, so please bring a few facts along with the rotten tomatoes. Thank you.


  1. Well said, that man! I'm always happy to comment but I'm not going to let a few facts get in my way, so I don't expect to win you over. As if!

  2. Oh my God man! Like anyone can win you over. I have no facts to bring to the table because lets face it, I am nothing compared to you in your brilliance. I agree with A. I will comment (sometimes. Most of the time you lose me so I run and shake my head in confusion) but win you over. Nah Please don't ever change. :)

  3. @A. - Yes, you must keep commenting, facts or no facts. I depend on that. :)

    @Ettarose - Would you stop with the sarcasm? That is supposed to be what the British do. :)

    Don't you ever change, either.

  4. Who's been throwing tomatoes!?!?! I'm not having it. I do agree with Ettarose that my intelligence is sometimes (ok, often) lacking by comparison, but you always make me think and I appreciate that.



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