Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy haggis and turnips

Well, there's only 4 minutes of it left in my country, and over in most of yours, but Happy Robert Burns night. There, I made it under the wire. :)


  1. Yours this moment I unseal,
    And faith I'm gay and hearty!
    To tell the truth and shame the deil,
    I am as fou as Bartie:
    But Foorsday, sir, my promise leal,
    Expect me o' your partie,
    If on a beastie I can speel,
    Or hurl in a cartie.

  2. And, here I thought I could decipher British. Shows what I know.

  3. When Burns went to the intelligentsia in Edinburgh even they could not understand many of the words.
    He wrote as he spoke in a Galloway accent, or is that dialect? And dialects were much stronger in those days. He got on well with the ladies mind!

  4. @A. - I am in awe! I am always in awe.

    @Stephanie B - Don't look to me for help! :)

    @Adullamite: I sometimes think he just made some of that up! I heard about him and the ladies (I could tell you of another poem that even A. doesn't know about.)



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