Thursday, March 25, 2010

Random Shakespearean Insults

Thou slanderous hell-hated slug!

Thou fawning tardy-gaited rasbane!

Thou mangled fly-bitten leprous witch!

Thou gorbellied earth-vexing whey-face!

Thou gleeking tickle-brained worms-meat!

Thou traitorous pox-marked malt-worm!

Thou rascally tallow-faced odiferous stench!

Thou base spur-galled infection!


  1. Thou babbling dog-hearted tyrant!

    Do they know you?

  2. It's just come up with "Thou arrogant bawdy moldwarp". Mold warp! Now I know where Moldy Warp the Mole came from. Do you know Moldy Warp the Mole and Little Grey Rabbit? A whole new world for you.

  3. British of course, so the spelling of Grey is a constant. The author Alison Uttley was a very interesting person.

  4. I put insults like this, of my own devising, into my novel.

    I'm old-fashioned.

  5. @A. - I will take that as a compliment. Does who know me?

    @Sheila - If the spelling is consistent, why mold? I prefer Sam Pig too. Keeping the spelling British, I guess that would be Sam Piggg. To each his own. :)

    @Stephanie Barr - And in your replies to editors who reject your work, I assume. :)



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