Friday, July 9, 2010

Ringo Starr turns 70

July 7, 2010, Times Square. [From an AP story] Throngs of spectators strained to catch a glimpse of the former Beatle as he celebrated his birthday at the Hard Rock Cafe Times Square in New York City Wednesday.

"New York was a magical moment in 1964, and it's still a magical moment," said Ringo. He waited patiently for staff to come up with a cake knife so he could cut his own cake, which he says is Liverpool tradition.

Starr wants people from every part of the globe to say "Peace and Love" at noon every day by word, email or any form of communication. Forever, I guess.

Ok: Peace and Love, O fellow bloggers.


  1. No! I cannot believe how fast time passes - this is becoming some sort of mantra. Still, it's better than the alternative.

    Missed noon, but here's my peace and love.

  2. peas'n'luv, man, peas'n'luv.

    Might I direct your attention to any YouTube videos of The Rutles?

    I think you'll appreciate them.

  3. You didn't miss noon. You have to do it every day forever.

  4. @Soubriquet - Rutles? Well, I confess I never liked that parody ragging on my all-time favorite group. You must remember I am not in tune with British humor to begin with. :) I do, in some things, like Eric Idle, and, in all things, John Cleese (who had something or other to do with the Rutles later on.) Their music (lip synched though it was) was good but the humor unnecessarily caustic on the backs of some lads who worked really hard and deserved their success. My opinion only, of course.

  5. Anyone who wants to leave a pageful of porn links on these pricks' blogs over the next couple weeks, be my guest.



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