Saturday, November 6, 2010

Rerun Australian omelette recipe

When I first started the BritishSpeak blog, I used to stay up all night and stalk Australian blogs. Some were pretty amazing. Aussies can be pretty irreverent.

I can think A. for reminding me (by proxy) of this old post I did back in March of 2008, because A. ran a recipe of a delicious chocolate cake on her blog today. Of course, A. would never speak as the Aussies speak.

A.'s recipe for chocolate cake is very precise, with measurements down to half an ounce. That's what you need for perfection. Aussies are not always so precise with their ingredients, as evidenced by the omelette recipe below.

Warning - please don't continue reading if you are easily offended; Aussie humor is not cutesy double-entendre.

Recipe for Australian omelette:


2 fucking eggs
some fucking salt and pepper
fucking chives
1 fucking knob (?) of fucking butter


Heat the fucking butter in a fucking omelette pan.
Fucking break the fucking eggs into a fucking bowl.
Fucking whisk the fuckers and add some fucking salt and fucking pepper to taste.
When the fucking butter is hot, add the fucking mixture to the pan.
When cooked, take the fucking thing out.
Eat the fucker.


  1. Sigh. You're laughing at me, I can tell. Converting from grams does lead to fractions of ounces, but you have pre-empted a follow up post I was planning on weights and measures. Now I suppose I'll have to finish it. Sigh again.

  2. PS My normal cooking style tends to follow the Australian method.

  3. I would never laugh at you. ::snicker:: You know that!

    Don't do any more metric stuff, if you know what's good for you. Just sayin'.

    Incidentally, and I mean this with the best intentions, when you convert to ounces and it comes out to half an ounce, use tablespoons. :):)

    You shouldn't be weighing stuff anyway.

    You crack me up. You know that, right?



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