Monday, July 25, 2011

George Harrison's attacker to be released today

July 25, 2011

Michael Abram repeatedly stabbed the late Beatle and also attacked his wife Olivia, back in December of 1999, after breaking into their Henley-on-Thames mansion.

Abram had been ordered to be confined to a secure hospital "without time restriction." However, apparently less than two years is enough, as he has been certified fit to mingle with Londoners again today, less than two years after he was sentenced. In all fairness, it did take forever before his trial started.

The conditions of his release and the reasoning behind the board's decision will be kept secret. Why? Just so you the public won't know, I guess. It wouldn't do to have the guy's future burger employment jeopardized just because you don't want to mingle with him.

[Source: The Mail Online. A dirty Murdock enterprise or a clean honest organ which rises above the filthy Murdock crowd? I dunno. I'm sure you'll tell me which.]


  1. Where did they dig that up from? He was released years ago, wasn't he?

  2. The Mail does not belong to Murdoch, but it similar in outlook.

    If he is merely 'mental' then he will fit happily in London. It might infringe his 'human rights' if he is confined.

  3. Typical British stupidity. They let this guy our of jail/hospital so that he can attack another Celebrity. What about George Harrison's human rights? George is gone yet his attacker walks the streets a free man.



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