Friday, January 13, 2012

Wikileaks. Or not.

Not too long ago there was a commotion about sensitive government information being leaked to newspapers and radical blogs for publication. Much of this embarrassed the U.S. Government. The following was purported to be written to then president-elect Barrack Obama, 10 days before he was sworn in as President, briefing him on certain aspects of U.S. - UK relations. This confidential briefing summary to Obama is apparently from PISS. I can't/won't tell you where I got it, but I will leave its validity to your judgement. Seems pretty authentic to me, based on spelling mistakes.


  1. Well, you got it right about Ann Widdecombe. She is after all our Dancing Queen.

  2. @A. - First time I've heard of her. I thought it must be an inside joke in the UK. Sounds like a story behind your comment about dancing queen. :)

    @Adullamite - The top part was. Too many things in the letter though that an American probably wouldn't do or wouldn't know about. Like an American probably wouldn't start a letter with "Mr. President" to someone who wasn't president yet. Or put the infamous U in Labor (though that might have been planted) or know who Ann Widdecombe was or know that Brown was from Scotland. I'd say written by a Brit intent on defaming Scotland a bit. Do you guys even know who Homer Simpson is? PISS is also funny to you but not to us when used the way it is being used in the letter. Also, the most famous London over here is in Ontario. Someone was just looking up towns in state maps to see if certain states might have a London in them.

    But you can certainly think what you want to think. If you are in a thinking mood. :) This wasn't serious, anyway. I found it on a UK blog.

    This was a Thursday Evening Post.

  3. Good points sir, and no I wasn't in a thinking mood. My thinking was wasted onthe 'Daily Mails' anti Scotland campaign.

  4. We have a dreadful programme (I think it's dreadful but others are entranced) called Strictly Come Dancing. Strictly Ballroom meets Come Dancing. It is a ballroom dancing competition with couples made up of "celebrities" paired with professional dancers. Each week the worst performing couple is voted off.

    A couple of years ago they started having one "celebrity" who could hardly put one foot in front of the other never mind dance. Or maybe they always did but I didn't hear about it. Anyway, Ann Widdecombe was one of those. What possessed her to think it was a good idea, I don't know. Apparently she kept doing well by attracting a large sympathy vote. I just find it cringe-worthy.

    That's the story.



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