Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Showing restraint

Patient in restraint chair at the West Riding Lunatic Asylum, Wakefield, Yorkshire.

ca. 1869. Henry Clark.


  1. That's not my grandpa, that's great-uncle Herbert.
    It was a very unjust thing that was done to him, what an unnecessary fuss there was, when all he did was to bake a few best Aberdeen Angus Scotch Pies.
    They won prizes at the Great Exhibition, and were universally acclaimed as being the tastiest scotch pies south of the border.

    Herbert grew to be quite prosperous, and all was well, until Angus' mama and papa came down from Aberdeen, seeking him, at his lodgings. As did wee Jimmy's mama... And Dougie's...
    Funny how those fellers left no forwarding address when they went.

    Herbert, it seems, had been quite successful in recruiting chaps from Scotland as staff for the pie-works. They all seemed to move on without leaving a forwarding address.
    Herbert opened a second-hand clothing store, next to the pie-shop, selling menswear, the occasional sporran, and a suitcase or two.

    Perhaps his ambition got too much for him when the Dundee Girl Pipers came to town.

  2. Whilst you boys are busy poking sticks at one another, am I the only one who finds this image quite disturbing ???


  3. I think I'll just stay out from between the inside pie jokes.

    @Red Dirt Girl - Not really. It would be disturbing if he were getting shocked at the same time. Well, I guess it was disturbing for HIM. But then asylums were meant for the disturbed.

    I'm sure you join me in wishing it had been a full-length photo so we could see if his feet are blurry.

    Please don't say "whilst". :)



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