Friday, September 19, 2008

Lord Likely Recognized

Congratulations to Lord Likely, sometime contributor to this blog, for being recognized by The Guardian as a "Best Of The Web" website pick. Congratulations from all of us, Andy. Toodle Pip!


  1. Many thanks, sir!

    Truly, I feel honoured and extremely aroused right now.

    There is a party in my underpants, dear readers. But I fear someone has spilt the drinks.

    Thank you once again!


    - Lord Likely.

  2. I saw that! I again say cool beans baby!

  3. Huzzah! That is great news! of course this happens when I am out of the UK.

  4. many congrats, Sir Lord - as long as people breathe, they will love their porn. Keep up the willie shakin'!

  5. Lord-and well you should. Two honors. A mention in the Mail and a post on BritishSpeak. How large your heads must be right now. :)

    Ettarose-Hear, hear! I second that bean!

    Claire-A lot happened while you were out of the UK. For example, yesterday they revoked your passport. You are going to grow old in Albany.

    Petra-Never mind. I can't believe you said willie on this classy blog. Sheesh! Fuckin' shame what it's cum down to. I say.

  6. that is really cool congrats to the lork likely, woo hoo.



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