Monday, September 15, 2008

Your turn: 6 American questions

See how many of the following questions about the USA you can answer (or guess) without looking a map or googling. These are difficult enough that Americans are also encouraged to play/guess.

1. American cities and their citizens:

Angelenos are from: (what city?)
Phoenicians are from: (what city?)

2. Here is a list of 32 selected states, along with their largest cities:

New York: New York City
California: Los Angeles
Illinois: Chicago
Nevada: Las Vegas
Washington: Seattle
Florida: Miami
Texas: Houston
Minnesota: Minneapolis
Louisiana: New Orleans
Missouri: Kansas City
Kansas: Wichita
Michigan: Detroit
Wisconsin: Milwaukee
Pennsylvania: Philadelphia
New Jersey: Newark
Alabama: Birmingham
Oregon: Portland
Nebraska: Omaha
New Mexico: Albuquerque
Montana: Billings
North Dakota: Fargo
Kentucky: Louisville
Connecticut: Bridgeport
Virginia: Virginia Beach
South Dakota: Sioux Falls
Maine: Portland
New Hampshire: Manchester
Vermont: Burlington
Delaware: Wilmington
Maryland: Baltimore
North Carolina: Charlotte
Alaska: Anchorage

Question: of the above states, how many of the largest cities are also that state's capital city? Put a tick by each one that qualifies. (Don't use ink, as the tick mark will be difficult to remove from your monitor screen later.)

3. At it's absolute closest point, how many miles separate Russia and the United States?

4. True or false: the USA has no territories or possessions in the Southern Hemisphere.

5. True or false: no British reigning monarch ever visited the USA before the current one.

6. All states have nicknames. Oklahoma is known as the Sooner state, and it's citizens are called Sooners. The University of Oklahoma sports teams are also called Sooners. Where did the name come from?


1. Anglenos are from Los Angeles. Phoenicians are from Phoenix.

2. None of the cities shown are state capitals.

3. Zero. Russia and the USA share a common border.

4. False. American Samoa is in the Southern Hemisphere.

5. False. King George VI briefly visited the NY World's Fair in 1939 during a visit to Canada.

6. People who illegally entered the new territories of Oklahoma ahead of the lawful time in order to stake claims to choice land were referred to as Sooners. The term no longer carries a derogatory connotation.


  1. Those were nearly very difficult :) It's a bit like the days when the teacher didn't notice she'd given out the teacher's copy of the text book. I could answer two and a half.

  2. Max is doing exams, I'm scared. :(

  3. Ha ha! I live in the capital of New York and it isn't that city downstate that thinks it's all that! I also lived in Chicago, which IS all that, even though it isn't the capital. I also lived in the capital of Colorado, but you left that most excellent of all states off your list.

    And Sarah Palin can see Russia from her house.

  4. a., thank you for playing. As usual, you wouldn't need an answer book to get these all correct. :)

    Alison, be afraid. Be very afraid. Castles are next... :)

    Kelly, I do understand you must keep moving around the country due to your criminal record. :) And I am sure by now you have discovered why Colorado was not on the list. Or Arizona, or Hawaii, or Massachusetts, or Indiana, or Arkansas, or Oklahoma, or.... Never mind. :)

  5. This is a pretty boring post, Max. Time to move on dude.

  6. I never knew about the sooners. Yay! I learned something today!



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