Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Harry having fun in Afghanistan

Although Prince Harry is currently fighting for the British Armed Forces in Afghanistan, it hasn't stopped the young prince from having fun.

In between battles, he found an old and abandoned 125 cc Honda motorcycle, and with the help of his army buddies, they push started the motorcycle into life, and off he went.

But apparently he returned.

It was refreshing to see the prince throwing off the cares of war for a few minutes, and having a chance to act like just a regular bloke.

It's not an African adventure trip* but at least he got some fun on his motorcycle in the desert.

*The young prince, along with his brother William, will be cycling for charity in Africa soon. (If he is able to get permission to leave the Afghan battlefront.) Read about this daring upcoming event here.


  1. It's so startling to see Harry and William all grown up. My brother is in Afghanistan at the moment. I'll have to ask if he's seen Harry (yes, I know it's a big country, but there's always a possibility).

  2. Janet, Harry's been back from Afghanistan for quite some time, but your brother may have noticed someone constantly surrounded by security and cameras - that would have been Harry.

    I believe the royal pair have had a violent tummy bug. Let's hope it isn't contributing to global warming, but at least they'll have had a good run for their money.

  3. @Janet - It is startling. It happened so fast, it seems. And I appreciate your brother's service in Afghanistan. I hope he returns safely to you. Thank you for your comment.

    @a. - Yes, HRH Prince Henry has returned safely. I know you had prayed for that.

    A special note to our readers: Some of you who don't know "A" well are not aware that she is the Hampshire Chapter president of the "All Royals Fan Club" in England. So a post like this really warms her heart. Although she has pledged complete neutrality in her capacity as president, I know she has a "special" place in her heart for Harry. Thank you a.

  4. I'm so sorry, er, what's your name again? Oh yes, Max. I'm so sorry Max, I realise as a colonial you have great difficulty grasping the finer points of the royals. Please, please don't feel yourself a failure. I'm here to help you.

    Did you know Harry was booed in Portsmouth today? It's aged him terribly.



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