Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Walk your child to school today

Today is International Walk to School Day.

Do it today. But also do it at least once a week. Want some exercise? Do it every day!

Also, in an email from the British Embassy in Washington, here are some things going on that affect British schools. An interesting read.


  1. Hurray, now I get to add something else to my list of things to do today, always enjoy that. Seriously though, didn't even know, so now I do, and have the time to do so, right on. thanks. :)

  2. Hi. I found you from Wise Herb's Random Jottings. I read through enough posts to discover your Tennessee mother. I, too, have Tennessee roots and am a pronounced Anglophile. I loved the posts about getting a drink in an English pub. I will definitely be back.

  3. I confess I'd not heard of this. In the UK there have been various efforts to get more people to walk their children to school, including "walking buses" which is an idea that appeals to me for some reason. Primary schools can get government grants to set them up.

  4. @Chica - Of course if it is 10 miles to school you don't have to. Not every single day at least. :)
    @ Janet - yay! Thank you Wise Herb Sage Lady! I already owe her a lot. ;) I never actually lived in Tennessee. My father was from the North and went down and stole her from her homeland. But Tennessee never left her mind or memory, and I was the constant beneficiary of those memories.

    But be careful of the Brits. Don't turn your back on them for a minute. Just sayin'...

    Thank you for your visit!
    @a - I'm not surprised. The world movement for this originated in Winchester*. But you are never home. So.

    What the heck is a walking bus? A bus that walks appeals to you? Sounds scary to me. I've lost you. Explain. Ok, I'm guessing you mean walk as a group. Not scary anymore. :)

    *I'm lying.

  5. wlel nice photo. remind me of my younger brother



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