Saturday, June 19, 2010

Breithlá shona

Since the first post I made on this blog in March of 2008, she has been there - my first reader, my most loyal "follower." No matter how stupid the post, or how profane I get, or how boring my subject matter, she is always there to read my stuff and comment on it.

A. is "The Travelling Spouse" who runs a fine blog of her own. I want to wish her a happy birthday and thank her for her support.

She never seems to stop traveling from place to place. But wherever she finds herself, in England or France, in Prague or Rome or Monte Carlo, she always opens her laptop and comments on this blog. And she's never forgotten where she came from.

Thank you Ireland.

Happy Birthday, A.


  1. I'm just a gypsy rover at heart and I don't think I'll change. :) Thank you, Max.

    Of course it's impossible to verify whether or not I was your first reader, or even nearly the first, because of your playing fast and loose with post dates.

  2. I should really have said, "Go raibh maith agat".



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