Sunday, August 15, 2010

Making new friends and influencing people of other lands

I have long ago abandoned the narrowness of my raison d'être for this blog, having expanded my interests to include the lasting effects of your language on many far-flung countries all over the globe. Canada. Australia. Some South Africa. Not NZ. Not India. Enough to where I feel I can expand even further and speak of Ireland.


Soon I shall. Just a warning shot.

I vow my usual painstaking attention to detail and accuracy. After all, this is a learning experience for me.

(I didn't mean you didn't have any language influences on NZ, only that I hadn't talked about them on this blog.)


  1. My, hasn't Tipperary grown!

    Could I just point out that the letter "u" is part of the alphabet in Ireland too. Even in red herrings. :)

  2. I caption my photos in my own civilized tongue, not how the natives might have spelled it. Had I found the photo in a counter rack in a Tipperary tourist shop, I'm sure they would have spelled it "harbour," but I couldn't find any of this picture in their racks. If you ever take a picture of New York Harbor, you are welcome to caption it "New York Harbour" for your blog readers, and I hope you do. You can even throw in a couple whilsts and spelts for good measure. :)

    As for Red Herring, I don't know if you are trying to divert my attention to Norway or if you think that is a bad portrayal of the famous Tipperary bridge.

    We can learn together if you would try to be less disruptive in class.

  3. And it's a long, long way to Tipperary. There, I've said it.

  4. I see. Well, they're missing a trick there, if they don't sell the pictures. It's certainly a long, long way over that bridge.

  5. I am learning all the time. It is an education to read this blog.

  6. Yes. Well, your spirit still seems less than cooperative if you ask me. Much less genuinely helpful.

  7. "Nice brief and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you on your information. "

    Is that better? People often say that to me. I will follow their examples in future.

  8. "I vow my usual painstaking attention to detail and accuracy."


  9. Some say Tipperary is landlocked. Them that do haven't been there lately.

  10. I just want it to go on record that I adore Max. I may not say it near often enough, but I do. Max - you are TRES cool.

    There. This time, I said it. :-)



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