Thursday, October 21, 2010

Multum In Parvo

They laugh at us. They say Oakam Castle is not even a castle at all, but nothing more than a great hall with a very large horseshoe collection, but they are wrong. Let them laugh.

One of the guys that fought at the battle of Bosworth Field has his balls stuck in a tree somewhere around here. So TWO tourist attractions.

Tomorrow I'll tell you what nurdling is.


  1. That's not a castle! that's just a big hall with a lot of horseshoes!

  2. Oakwhat? that'll be Oakham, not Oakam, ham being a homestead, settlement, fortified place.

    Nurdling is fine, if a little effete and southern, but you might take a look at Nipsey, or Knurr and spell.

  3. Adullamite, they do call it Oakham Castle. Many royal horseshoes are collected there. It's a sorry castle though, if you ask me.

    Hello Farah! Thank you for stopping by. Tomorrow, all will be made clear.

    Soubriquet, I really did intend to press the h but I didn't push the key down hard enough. Forgive me.

    Do you know what Oakum is, btw? Probably, since you've plumbed.

  4. Actually, ham is the ass of a pig. Not to be argumentative. And I am already in deep enough on weird games. I will look those other ones up soon.

  5. Oops! Sorry, I was drowsing. Oakum, yes I know it well, but it's not really used in plumbing any more. I do find it, though, in old caulked joints in cast-iron pipe.
    You can get hanks of hemp fibre, as an oakum substitute, though hemp is now banned in potable water joints, and only permitted on gas joints in longscrew joints.
    The reason hemp is barred in potable water joints is the fact that it's organic, and in theory, could support bacteria.
    Just like tap washers (faucet washers) are all made of some crummy fake-rubber compound that splits or compresses after a short time. Whilst leather washers are banned. I still find leather washers in 100% working order, after maybe sixty or more years. Whereas the modern ones will be lucky to last five years.

    Oakum. Mainly used for caulking ships, swells when wet to produce a watertight seam.



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