Friday, October 15, 2010

Outline IDs

Can you identify the state by the outline?
Can you identify the county by the outline?
Answers may be forthcoming. Stay tuned. :)


  1. Top one is in the USA. Ohio? Bottom is Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

  2. I only know the first by looking it up on the map in my old "Times Atlas of the World", so I won't give the answer.

    As for the second, we're looking at the Isle of Wight, with, above it, Hampshire.

  3. I have to tell you that I found it interesting that both of you differentiated between Hampshire and the Isle of Wight in your comments. Obviously, I'm missing something and I hope you will clear it up. Is the island not in the county of Hampshire? Is it not administered by Hampshire? "Official" political maps put out by the UK government seem to indicate (to me, at least) that it is.

    I realize, of course, from our previous posts and conversations, that the Isle of Wight is set off from the mainland and seems like you are "leaving" Hampshire when you visit there. It certainly has a bit of its own history and the living is different (to say the least) from "mainland" Hampshire. But...

    Is it really that different that you have to say "Hampshire AND the Isle of Wight?" This mundane filler post is becoming actually interesting. Can you explain? If I am wrong, then what county is the Island a part of?

  4. The outline of the state of Ohio is pretty obscure when shown with no reference points, even to Americans, and I find it nearly astounding that A. would guess this correctly. Mind you, I'm not accusing her of googling. I am just a bit gabberflasted at her... umm... surpirising... knowledge. Well done!

  5. Oh, Oh!!!! The top one is Ohio. I know that one for sure because I live there, in the Northeast.

    You are several post behind on my blog. I have to start stalking you I guess, since you are not posting on Clarity 2010.

    Word Verification, really?

  6. Well, hello Sue. I will have to pay you a visit. I guess I haven't since the Hostess/Little Debbie fiasco. I'm thinking that was only 2 days ago but probably longer.

    Yes, word verification. I will send you some of my automated Chinese spam. Take yours off if you don't believe me.

    So you live in Ohio and think you live in the Northeast? Interesting. I was born in Michigan and we always thought we lived in the Midwest. There is probably an invisible line though. :)

    I don't know about my Clarity blog - nobody seems to come there anymore. Perhaps if I were to blog something interesting?


  7. The Isle of Wight has its own county council and is a separate county in its own right. Historically, though, it was part of Hampshire so it's often coupled with the larger county.

    As for Ohio, I enjoy jigsaw puzzles.

  8. The island is another country. I've just read this, not two minutes ago:

    "I'm 28, from London, very much fascinated by the world, particularly in love with Sweden and Finland; countries I've visited rather a lot! I've also travelled to New York and Florida, around Greece, and to the Isle of Wight".

    So, you see. QED, as somebody once said.

  9. All islands are another country. I've lived on a few, visited many more, and it's universal. Islanders and mainlanders never identify themselves as being in the same category.
    The Isle of Wight sits only a short distance from the south coast of england, and people commute to their jobs in both directions, the ferry is somewhat subsidised if you're an islander.
    Nevertheless, ticket prices are eye-watering. Many islanders keep two cars, one on the island, one on the mainland, as, after a week of shipping one you'd have spent enough to buy a decent clunker, after a month, you'd have spent enough to travel in style.

    Back, oh, about twenty years ago, I applied for a teaching job at Medina High School, in Newport I.O.W, I knew little about the island, but as a popular holiday destination, it seemed as though it might be a good place to live and work. I liked the school, the area, and the people, and was successful in my application and interview, they must have liked me too, I suppose.
    But, where would I live? House prices were far too high for me to even contemplate buying. REntal costs were high-ish off-season, astronomical in the summer. I was told that some teachers lived on the mainland in the tourist season, on the island in winter when rents were lower. I worked out that after rent and travel and ferry fares, I'd have a job and nothing else. Slow starvation, maybe, living in a series of crummy rooms. I had asked for a few days to research logistics, which they weren't too keen on, and after crunching the numbers and the other factors, I regretfully declined their offer.
    Nice place, high cost of living for an off-islander.

  10. I'm afraid Ohio was easily identified. It's differentiating between Colorado and Kansas that gets tricky.

    I know nothing of British geography so I would have had no idea.

    Ironically, I was born in New Hampshire, which looks nothing like your picture.

  11. Well, A., I am in no position to argue of course. And since I was recently QED'd by someone else, I guess that's the end of it. But it is confusing to a foreign barbarian like myself to google the counties of Great Britain and find time after time that "there are 86 counties in Great Britain and here is a numbered list" only to find no number and no line entry for "Isle of Wight" on the list of counties. And, when the map is labeled. I.O.W. always carries the Hampshire nickname on it. Well. Help me by notifying your mapmakers. Unless it is a private joke. I did find where I.O.W. has one representative in Parliament, so .... well, I guess that doesn't prove anything. I yield.

  12. @Shiela - If the person is from London, then that settles if for sure. QED indeed. ;)

  13. @A. and Soubriquet - Well if it is another country, then I am worse off than even I thought.

  14. @Soubriquet - So you did the math and stayed at home? Good for you. Damn foreigners anyway! And you didn't even mention the time it took to be going through Customs each way everyday. And, god forbid, you wanted to go partying in the UK on the weekend if you had opted to rent a shack on "The Island." :)

    You people are finally getting to me. Good thing Catherine isn't here to talk about the scary train ride to the ferry, I would probably explode.

    I'm not going to play this game of states and counties any more. Your loss.

  15. @Stephanie Barr - Not hard to differentiate between those two. One's a trapazoid and one's a rectangle. But Ohio. Ohio is HARD. Wisconsin is easy. Texas is child's play. Ohio is HARD!

    Too bad A. and Sheila and Soubriquet had to spoil it because I had ....umm... 40 something to go.

    I don't know how many counties I had to go. I though 85 more, but they keep chopping up Yorkshire and not naming others. Do you know what a "Riding" is? Me neither.

  16. What exactly have we spoilt? The shock and excitement of having Ohio revealed? Or your image of Hants & IOW being a unified whole?

    Do you really have to stop? I was looking forward to a discussion on Rutland.

    I can do you the story about the train ride to the IOW ferries (Red Funnel). You don't have to wait for Catherine.

  17. @A. - AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaRRRRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrGGGGGGGggggggggg!!!!!!!!!

  18. rrrrrrGGGGgggggggHHHHHHHhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. I am very concerned about your blood pressure. I was only seeking a little clarity. Wrong place, clearly. :)

  20. "Rutland Weekend Television"!

    Which of course introduced the Rutles.

    Happy times, do not adjust your set...

    (Rutland was Britain's smallest county, before it was sold to an american billionaire, and shipped off to Arizona, or some other vast waste of blowing tumbleweeds, to be reassembled complete with its rural inhabitants. I think it's the only place in the west where you can get a decent cup of tea.)

  21. I guess here's where we insert Relax Max' aneurysm. Or at least a paroxysm.

  22. Would you believe it?
    I just got my first ever email from Rutland!
    There's a word for such coincidences, but I can't remember it right now.

  23. I'm leaving now. Somebody turn out the lights.



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