Sunday, May 15, 2011

Getting the expat quiz behind us...

I wanted to leave the quiz from yesterday up another day, but the incredible response keeps crashing my ISP's server, so I'd better put a stop to this. Sigh.

I did get two responses from actual expats, although neither was an expat living in the USA. And only one tried to even answer the questions. Well, he didn't actually TRY. Double sigh.

1. 1776. July 4, 1776
2. Los Angeles
3. Russia, Mexico, Canada
4. This is getting old and will be retired. The capital of Florida is pronounced Talla-HASS-ee.
5. New Mexico (#47) and Arizona (#48)
6. New Orleans
7. Abraham Lincoln
8. Denali (also known as Mt. McKinley)
9. San Antonio
10. Never

1781 was an important year. It was the year Great Britain agreed we could be independent (much more important than 1776, I think.) 1787 was important too: The year we got out present constitution. And of course, 1993. The year RM was born.

Bog off. And I mean that only in the best way possible.

Update: Bugger this for a game of soldiers.

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