Wednesday, May 4, 2011

If you're wondering where he disappeared to after the wedding, he's over here.

"She loves me... she loves me NOT! She loves me..."

Resuming his public duties, the Prince of Wales visited a small urban farm in Washington D.C. Tuesday, which grows produce for low-income residents.

Some of the photos that accompany this post did not have adequate captions, so I was forced to make a few captions up, based on what I felt was going on in the picture. This captioning was done at considerable time and effort on my part, so I hope you appreciate it.

Farm Executive Diretor Pertula George, left, shares a smile with the Prince of Wales.
Ok, perhaps the word "left" isn't needed.

The farm sits on the baseball diamond of a razed elementary school in a low-income community near Howard University. Volunteers from the community (probably not congressmen) work the farm and receive fruit and vegetables in return. This is not to be confused with Michelle's vegetable garden on the lawn at the White House.

"Please hold these flowers for me while I plant a tree."

"Just hold 'em while I plant the fricken tree!"

The Prince of Wales plants a tree

An enthusiastic gardner himself, and a longtime supporter of sustainable agriculture, the prince showed interest in the farm's drip irrigation system and spent some time with some of the youngsters who are volunteers. At one point, he picked up a piece of spinach and popped it into his mouth. At least I think it was spinach.

Some youthful 4-H ers destroy some fruit for the prince's amusement. They are from simple farming stock who live in a cave under Capitol Hill, and were unsure how to properly entertain royalty.

"Take that, munchkin."

Prince Charles didn't make a speech on the windy, muggy day, but did mingle with the crowd a bit and shake some hands.

"No. Over here. He's just my bodyguard."

Prince Charles mingles fearlessly with the rush hour crowd. I sure as hell wouldn't.

The mayor of the District of Columbia, Vincent Gray, did give a speech, though. Of course. He greeted Charles and described the prince as a "visionary" on environmental issues who was bringing well-deserved attention to the work done on the little farm. A quick LexisNexis search reveals this was the first time that particular word has been used to describe His Royal Highness.

Prince Charles also visited the U.S. Supreme court not far away. No, I'm not sure why. His mother visited the court in 1951 before she became queen. I wouldn't look at that as some sort of omen, though. My guess is that it probably just has clean rest rooms.

"So you're a Supreme Court Justice, Eh? How boring is that! Say... are these hitching posts?"

"So... the loo is up there by those big marble columns?"

The Prince of Wales (left) leaves the U.S. Supreme Court building, accompanied by Justice Breyer. Or one of them. It's not justice Thomas. I don't know who the lady on the right is. Maybe the interpreter.


  1. I like Charles & Camilla. That bitch Di ruined everything by selling herself to the media. Now Britains women, those without a brain, follow Di as if she was some sort of god instead of a self seeking rich tart.

    (I am feeling a bit grumpy today)

  2. I like The Prince Charles, too. In fact I like pretty much the entire royal family, as I hope has been evidenced by the many posts and rather deep research I have presented here over the past few years. I do get sarcastic at times, but not only with the subject of royals. You've probably noticed. My goal is to occasionally poke fun at authority figures, not to be mean. If I have overstepped the bounds of fun and become mean, I apologize.

  3. I wonder if anyone understood him.

  4. @Expat mum - I'm sure they caught a word here and there. Boy, are you in a prickly mood!

  5. Even given that it's hardly a representative sample, I was completely amazed in the aftermath of The Wedding to find pictures of Diana in all the tourist shops in London. There may have been one or two of Charles, and none that I noticed of Camilla. I think you may be in the minority Adullamite.

    One of the big problems I have with that particular section of the royals is that the exceptional privilege they enjoy doesn't seem to have brought with it any exceptional sense of responsibility. Their responsibilities should go beyond "naming this ship....", well beyond.

    To get back to your post, Max, I love it. Good fun. :)

  6. @A. - In the first 30 minutes after your comment, I received over 50 responses (which I deleted so as not to appear mean) opining that "naming this ship..." is about the limit - and beyond some - of the abilities. So we should leave it as it is without asking more. Unless you are willing to pay them more, of course. :)

    I'm glad you loved the post. It WAS very lovable, wasn't it?

  7. I mean "10 minutes". I have a bandaid on my finger.

  8. Borderline magnificent, actually. At least that's what invitationless Obama commented (one that I was forced to delete.)

  9. I considered leaving his comment intact, but it was too gruesome to look at without fainting dead away.

  10. The aftermath of the weddings. Sounds ominous. Like the aftermath of the Alabama tornadoes.

    Come to think of it, I quite liked school.


  11. Let me just say if for you, Adullamite, and save your time.


  12. :)

    I feel the need to point out that responsibilities do *not* equal abilities.

    I note the difference between 10 minutes and 30 minutes, bandaid notwithstanding.

    Magnificent, maybe. Borderline, very much so. :)

  13. Me,in a minority?
    That would be unusual......

  14. @A. - Do you remember the first BritishSpeak item you taught me three years ago? It was "Sod Off".

  15. @Max, did I? I feel sure "bog off" was mentioned too..



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