Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Some people take their croquet seriously

If you kill a frog (accidentally, of course) does that mean you croak it?

Okay, I know -- the game is called cro KAY. I was just trying to break the ice here with an amazingly funny original joke. I am always being complimented on my fine sense of humor. Subtle and nuanced humor.

The people who take croquet seriously (they play while sober and in the rain and probably own their own mallets like the rest of the world own their own cue sticks) play something called Oxford Croquet. It's like polo, only without the ponies. Well, I suppose you could use ponies. The rules don't prohibit them that I can find.

The most favorite game of the Oxford Croquet crowd is called "Ricochet." I guess everything has to end in "et" if you breathe the rarified air of elite croquet.

I thought I would share the rules with you as I read them, in case you ever get the urge to play croquet by the rules.

1. "Ricochet is played between sides. One side plays with black and blue balls, and the other side plays with red and yellow balls."

Well, that just spoils it for me right there. Americans don't go in for those kind of British perverted games. I think I just lost interest.


  1. I'll be in charge of the mallets. I don't think red and yellow would suit you....

  2. I didn't get to the part about mallets. Maybe I should read the rest of the rules.

  3. But I know they have wickets too. Sigh.

    If your chewing gum loses it's flavor while you are playing cricket, can you stick the gum on...

    No, that would make it a bit of a sticky wicket, I suppose.



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