Friday, August 5, 2011

Scotswords Contest

As a public service I am going to attempt to translate the following list of Scottish words, phrases, and exclamations into American. Do you speak Scotslang well enough to tell what they mean in that brand of English? (Or whatever it is.) I'm pretty sure you can't, so that's why I am showing the official American translation under each word.

At the bottom, you must try to fill in the correct answers a Scot would give for these same words. A link to the site where you can find the answers, tomorrow. (If I link to it right now, you will just go look it up, and I want you to guess first.) There are more than these, but I will wait and see if I get any comments before I run the rest of them.

1. Bag off

A contest between two supermarket employees.

2. Basher

One who bashes.

3. Bogging

What poor spelling writers are doing online.

4. Bucket

A basket. 2 points. A field goal.

5. Choob

What Bill Cosby's childhood friend Fat Albert does with his food.

6. Clarty

What university students in the South eventually come to.

7. Bam

A loud noise.

8. Dreep

The last sound a bam makes when you punch 'im in the throat.

9. Dreich

What stable hands scrape off their shoes.

10. Eejit

Where hillbillys think Pharohs used to rule.

11. Filly

What you say to the bartender when you bring him your empty glass.

12. Slider

A kind of baseball pitch.

13. The back o' ten

A picture of the U.S. Treasury building.

Please enter your guesses for the Scots translation below:

1. "Bag off" really means: _________
2. "Basher" really means: _________
3. "Bogging" really means: _________
4. "Bucket" really means: _________
5. "Choob" really means: _________
6. "Clarty" really means: _________
7. "Bam" really means: _________
8. "Dreep" really means: _________
9. "Dreich" really means: _________
10. "Eejit" really means: _________
11. "Filly" really means: _________
12. "Slider" really means: _________
13. "The back o' ten" really means: _________


  1. 1. "Bag off" really means: buzz off
    3. "Bogging" really means: dirty
    6. "Clarty" really means: dirty
    7. "Bam" really means: idiot
    9. "Dreich" really means: dismal
    10. "Eejit" really means: idiot
    13. "The back o' ten" really means: after ten o'clock

    These are in daily use in our house in one form or another. some are more popular than others. For instance we have a lot of dreich days. :(

  2. @Adullamite - I know you are, but what am I?

    Sticks and stones may break my bones, but bandying insults with Relax Max is like two pigs trying to dance. No, that's not the proper phrase. Something.

    @A. - At least one of these is probably correct. Or as correct as these things get. Tune in tomorrow.



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