Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Engineering Marvel

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1. Can anyone tell us what body of water the bridge in this picture crosses?

2. Does anyone know what year it (the bridge, not the body of water) was first opened to traffic?

a) 1993
b) 1981
c) 1965
d. 1887

3. What is the name of the city in the foreground?

4. Who can tell us what happened to the bridge this one replaced?

5. (Extra credit) What war does the memorial that sits atop the law (not in picture) commemorate?


  1. "the memorial that sits atop the law"
    Bit of a clue there? :)

    The bridge before blew away.

  2. Och.

    The bridge before collapsed in a storm, whilst a train was crossing, because of failure of cast iron used in its construction. The materials were substandard, with severe casting flaws, holes which were filled with a putty of iron filings.

    The gale was a factor in the disaster, but the materials were the cause.

    'The men of Dundee, First World War', is the answer to the bonus question.

  3. @Adullamite - That is very good. You got the year right, too.

    @A. - I don't think there is any clue. I am clueless. Tell me what.

    @Soubriquet - Much of what you say is true, or close enough for me.

  4. The war memorial is lit up on September 25th to commemorate the Battle of Loos in which the 4th Black Watch, Dundee's territorial battalion, later merged with the 5th from Arbroath, took part and suffered greatly.
    Churchill, the MP, suffered much abuse at the election after the war, losing his seat to a temperance candidate!

  5. The Battle of Loos? Ah, that's too easy. I will keep my mouth shut. Although I'll admit to having to fight loo battles myself from time to time. There you go.

    Well, of course you are taking the long way around to answer bonus question. The inscription on the monument is the "Great War." Of course. They didn't know they had just been through WWI, you see. They wouldn't know that until you had a WWII (and dragged the Americans into that one too). And I was hoping you wouldn't say the American Civil War for cranberry's sake, and you didn't fail me. The soubriquet commentor, above, knew that, of course, but only said World War One becaause he was writing for an American audient, you see. But "Great War" is indeed the right answer, for it is what is inscribed in the stone.

    There is no loo up there, though. And no suggestion box for one. Just saying.

    I am going to read up on that battle so I can be more intelligent and stop rambling about it. I'll be back, armed with knowledge from.... well, never mind where from.

  6. Oh... I see. You wanted it verbatim.

    Did you not metaphorically walk around the other side and see the second-world war inscription?

  7. I'm sure someone can, perhaps even you, RM.

    I've never seen it before so it will have to be someone else.



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