Friday, March 16, 2012

Speaking of St. David...

I was going to do a sarcastic post (I have become somewhat sarcastic compared to my previous tolerant self, due, mostly, from too much reading the comments of the amazing Mail Online of late) but I'm not going to because I rather like Mr. Cameron. He seems an affable enough chap. Some of you may have been under the impression he was on an official visit (can't say "state" visit, of course) to talk about Afghanistan, Iran, and the Falklands. No, not the Falklands.

How surprised you must be to learn that he really ended up in Dayton, watching a couple college basketball games and forcing down some vile toxin-loaded hot dogs (you'll not want to enlarge the above pic) while wondering why he chose to visit during the annual national college basketball tournament.

Afterwards, they flew back to Washington on a gigantic airplane (petrol being practically free in the colonies right now) and then on to an extravagant (even for Democrats) state dinner at the White house, featuring American and British celebrities and entertainment and, in an odd (even for politicians) attempt to blend American and British cuisine with a main entree called "Bison Wellington." It is to cringe. Yet, much money was spent and much liquor was consumed and much flattery was bandied about, so everything turned out considerably more than okie-dokey. It gave them a chance to act and eat like us common folk do. They are our servants, you know.

And then on to New York (and I'm sure they didn't walk from Washington to there, either) sans the Obamas, to the newly-constructed/still-under-construction memorial at Ground Zero to place flowers on the carved-in-granite name of the British 9/11 fatality. White roses. Touching. And I mean that with as much sincerity as I can muster.

You'll be tickled to learn that I have been busy rounding up a few pictures of the PM's visit. I see the cherry blossoms are in, well, blossom, in Washington now. I really thought they didn't blossom until April. Must be Obama's unusual warmth. Or something. Global warming, that's it. Anyway, I DID steal you a few pictures so you could savor the visit for yourselves. As usual, I forgot to also steal the captions that go with the pictures and have accordingly added my own, as best as I can remember. Enjoy.


  1. Hilarious! I can't believe old Sam did that in full view of everyone. How very un-British.

  2. @Expat Mum - I was so embarrassed. I almost didn't include that picture. :)

    @Adullamite - If by "read" you mean the pictures (and I assume you do because pictures are about all you generally read) then you are very astute. You won't find any of the words matching though. And their picture captions were ever so dull. Is that you making comments over there under an alias? The ones running down America? :)

  3. @Adullamite - Your kind comment about Obama being a fine politician, or some other oxymoron, that you made recently on your blog (on your post that copied mine) was surely welcomed by the Obama camp. They get so little praise lately from people who are knowledgeable about wars and economics, as you are. And it is so simple, too: War= "stay at home" and Economics = "Stop spending money."

  4. Please keep Dave, and send us Obama!Then you will recognise talent!

  5. i do comment under several alias's on the Mail. I got 2000 or more red arrows for something I said once, so I must have been right!

  6. I thought that was you! I'm going to try that!

  7. But what shall I call myself?

    Ah, I know. Soubriquet. Only I will spell it right.



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