Thursday, July 18, 2013

Contraction Watch

Any time now. Maybe as I am writing this. Maybe before you read this. All the U.K. (or at least England) is betting on just about everything baby right now. Boy? Girl? (Girl) Color hair? (Ginger of course.) Rich? You bet.

I'm so excited.

If it's a girl, name her Diana.

If it's a boy? Well, perhaps he'll be king at the turn of the next century. Make one of his names Arthur. And one Albert. And one George. If you have room for one more, I vote for "Mick."

Have there ever been three future kings alive at the same time before?


62 gun salute from the tower. (or is it to be 65?)

What a time to be alive, hey?


  1. I wish Kate and the unknown ankle-biter to be soon puts us all out of misery! I think all the photographers and journos are camped outside the wrong place!

  2. They were spotted in Alabama this afternoon.

  3. Have you spent another 6 weeks in jail?

    I look forward to the 'Daily Mails' pullout specials, if that's the word, covering this birth. The Sunday version offered one today I notice. I failed to buy.

    1. I only get the Mail Online. No pullouts. So you stole a newspaper?

    2. Well I'm not paying for one......



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