Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Birthday America!

Happy 232nd, U.S.A.! You don't look a day over 185!


  1. Um yes, Happy birthday america, you young upstart!

  2. Haha - not only did you post it, but you did it one July 4th - God Bless Relax Max! Cheers!

  3. Happy Independence Day to all of you, may you have peace and joy without the hangover tomorrow.

  4. Hope you had a good party to celebrate!!!

  5. Wish I could say that the fireworks we have here in Norwich looked like those! I've got my fingers crossed that tomorrow nights pyrotechnic display doesn't get rained out!

    Happy 4th to you, Max!

  6. A Happy 4th to you and your fellow countrymen, sir!

    Have a beer or two on me! (Not literally ON me, you understand).

  7. Happy Birthday to you, well not literally you, unless it is actually your birthday too?


  8. On behalf of all Americans (they said it was ok for me to do this) I want to thank you for your kind wishes. Gracias, amigos.

    Soubriquet - Well, it didn't have to be this way. We could have been just as old as you. But noooooo. You had to get all greedy.......

    Canucklehead - And I was damn glad and proud to do it!

    Sage - Thank you. You are always so polite. :) And not to worry - nobody drinks on the 4th of July here. :)

    Frostygirl - Dang sure did mama! :)

    Linda - I'll bet they will. Pyrotechnic, eh? Well, of course you live on an estate in Connecticut. No common "fireworks" for youse people. :)

    Claire - Thank you. No, not mine. The world celebrates mine on Jan. 1st every year. I throw a big party in Times Square. You're invited. :)

    Lord - Thank you for that. And thank your for the helpful instructions. We were about to do just that. :)

    Debbie - DebbieDebbieDebbie. Come home, Debbie. :)



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