Sunday, July 13, 2008

Vacation time for Max

I'm off. But you knew that already, didn't you?

Newport/Cape Cod/Boston. Ho hum.

Back the 24th If I don't drown or explode from chowder consumption.

Sure would be nice if Claire or Andy or A. or SOMEBODY would make a post or two. Fat chance.

Try and pretend you'll miss me.


  1. Hey your going all the places I am going in September you bugger!

    Why didn't you put off your trip till then?

    I might post something for you :)

  2. And unlike Claire, Max is pretending I don't exist in this little corner of hell.

    Fine. See if *I* post anything for you. *sniff*

    I will see CLAIRE in September!

  3. Boston is my most favorite city in the entire world and I want lots and lots of pictures! I have not been since the big dig has been completed and it really bugs me that I have not seen what it has done for the city. I am so jealous!!!! I want to go!

  4. Hey - I'm going to Boston next weeekend, why didn't you wait until then??? Yeesh!

    Oh, and just for the record it's "chowdah" if you're going to speak the lingo properly!

  5. Hey! I want to go to New England! I never go anywhere!

    Have fun you lucky, lucky bastard!

  6. Well you might have warned me! I arrive back in England into something approaching a nightmare situation, and now you want a post written in your absence. I'll think about it. *sniff*

  7. Hey, at least you guys got asked to write a post. Sheesh



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