Thursday, July 10, 2008

Rufous Chested Dotterel...

Some of the most gorgeous and unique birds on our planet call your Falkland Islands home.

Dolphin & Kelp Gulls, Magellanic Oystercatcher, 32 Rufous Chested Dotterel, 6 Snowy Sheathbills, Patagonian Crested Duck, Speckled Teal, Tussacbird & Dark Faced Ground Tyrant.

Go take a look.
Click here. Magnificent pictures.


  1. Fantastic pictures aren't they? Those Black Necked Swans!

    My godmother lived in the Falkland Islands :)

    There is no education establishment available after the age of 16 on the islands, so the young people have to travel if they want higher education. One of the places they attend is Peter Symonds College in Winchester because it is one of the few state colleges with boarding facilities. My son was at Peter Symonds too. I always felt very sorry for the students from the Falklands, such a very long way from home.

    Is there no end to the trivia stored in my head?

  2. What's with you and pretty birds?

    Actually they are great pictures, thanks for sharing. I have no stories to add here though. I think you are already aware of my bird phobia.

    The birds seem to know about it too. When I was camping last week, a little bird came out of nowhere and dive bombed at me - much to the amusement of my friends... oh well, i survived, even with a few skipped beats to the heart.

  3. That is my dads favourite birdwatching site, have you been hacking into his browser history?

  4. a., I can't believe the extent of you "connections" all around the world. You are amazing!

    And you have a niece in Little America, Antarctica, too, right? Kidding. :) Maybe not - who knows!

    Caroline, I just love looking at pretty birds, that's all. Now I remember you bird phobia, yes. You were carried off by a stork as a child, as I recall. Most are brought by storks, you were carried off. How odd.

    Caroline "Tippie Hedren" McAdoo. (I will give you a new last name to preserve your anonommiiinityy.

    :) Google Tippie Hedren if you dare.

    Claire, you busted me. I can't believe I know two people who have relatives or godparents that have been on the Falklands. That's too bizarre. :)

  5. Max, I suppose you think my new alias is funny do you. Well I dared to google it - against my better judgement... and now I have horrid images of things I have heard about from that movie... as of course I have never seen it myself, but people seem to just love telling me about it.

  6. I do have a niece though, in Tunbridge Wells :)



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