Wednesday, December 17, 2008

17 December

1718 England declares war on Spain.

1745 Bonnie Prince Charles' army retreats to Scotland.

1770 Beethoven born.

1777 George Washington's army returns to Valley Forge, PA.

1894 Cricket day 3 1T Aus vs. Eng Eng 325 all out, 261 behind on 1st inn. Can someone translate?

1903 First sustained motorized aircraft flight, Orville Wright.

1922 Last British soldiers leave Ireland Freestate.

1941 Rommel begins retreat in North Africa.

1944 Japanese-Americans released from detention camps.

1962 Beatles first British TV appearance.

1969 Tiny Tim marries Miss Vicky on Tonight Show.

1980 Great Britain performs nuclear test in Nevada.

1986 First heart-lung-liver transplant, Cambridge.

2008 Britishspeak's 254th post. Pretty lame.


  1. 254? Since March was it? or April? Good going! At least half of them must have been since you said you were going to stop sometime during the summer. What happened? :)

  2. Three hundred by year's end perhaps?

  3. Max should get to the magical 300 by New year at the current rate.. glad it is still going strong.. congrats

  4. We would miss you terribly if you did stop. You have made some friends through BS, course many more enemies but that goes with the territory. :) If I were not such a dick I would have had 300 by now :(

  5. //1980 Great Britain performs nuclear test in Nevada.//

    Thank you, Margaret Thatcher!

  6. I am completely mystified as to why at the bottom of the post it says there are two links to it from my blog. Am I seeing things? Neither of those two posts link to Britishspeak (though at least one post has in the past). Both posts were written before I saw this one anyway.

  7. I came here to explain the cricket for you, but was sidetracked by the links.

    1894 On the third day of the first test match Australia v. England, England scored 325 runs in their first innings and trailed Australia by 261 runs. In spite of having to follow-on, England went on to win the match by 10 runs. That last bit wasn't contained in your information.

    I don't believe you really want to know.

  8. A., why thank you. I think. :)

    Adullamite, not bloody likely. Probably not by next year's end. And if I get off my arse with the book, not ever. That would be best, I think. :)

    Sage, thank you for being a loyal reader. And thanks for the congratulations although I only put it in the post for an attempt at humor. Will I never learn what the British consider humor? Sigh. :)

    Ettarose, well I WILL stop. You know that. Or at least turn the blog into a shill site for selling the book. You knew that. But I have 12 zillion other blogs. You know that too. Thank you for your fake concern, Suzy Q. :)

    Hi Redbeard. You know Lady Mags is second only to Regan (Reagan?) on my political esteem list. Did you expect her to blow under the Broads? Heh. Ah, she's gone, but not forgotten, eh? Good to see you, btw.

    Sheila. Why? Who knows? And I am searching every nook and cranny to find someone who even CARES. No luck yet. I've deleted them. God forbid you send some unsuspecting postcard collector to this vile blog, right? Double sigh.

    And you are right: I didn't really want to know. but I will say that anyone who scores 325 runs and still trail by 261 needs to take up hockey or something. Ice hockey I mean...

  9. Oh now, you didn't need to delete them and I didn't even know that was possible. It was just weird. I am perfectly happy to be linked to you. I think.

    We all care, of course we all care.

  10. 1969 Tiny Tim marries Miss Vicky on Tonight Show.

    Is a day I shall never forget!

  11. Sheila, how can you follow a sport that scores so highly? It's like playing a video game, this cricket thing. :)

    Debbie, you are a hopeless romantic. What an odd couple. :)

  12. How can I follow a sport that scores so highly? How can I follow a blogger who posts so copiously? I don't know, you tell me. :)



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