Sunday, December 21, 2008

Precious memories

British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, dressed smartly in a Savoy bellhop uniform, poses at 10 Downing Street next to a wax likeness of U.S. President Ronald Reagan. Mrs. Thatcher had been keeping the statue in the residence foyer for some time, but has now decided to donate it to Madam Tussaud's. 


  1. Where are Islamic terrorists when you need them!!!!!!!

  2. The Iron Lady God bless her and (adullamite)we didn't have many terrorists in her days.
    Pity she had to pose with a Hollywood B movie actor oops sorry Max I mean President!

  3. What is this, a scene from Madame Tussauds? Spot the waxwork?

    Mike, remember the Brighton bombing?

  4. A you are right of course, but Graham ( Adullamite) referred to Islamic terrorists and I believe the Brighton Bombers were IRA.

    Merry Christmas to you all.

    RM Give the dog a bone.

  5. Yes, the 80s "power couple". Crowning achievement: Falklands War. ::snicker::

  6. @Mike - I ran across this picture in my travels and it just cracked me up. Doesn't he look like a wax figure in the picture? B actor indeed (although I admit to liking the Old West reruns), but when I compare my life achievements next to his (or hers) I feel pretty inferior. Thank you for the bone, Mike. Merry Christmas to you and yours. And to the godless expat Scot as well. You people are too much. :)

  7. This comment is probably going to seem irrelevant. But during the term of Democrat U.S. President Jimmy Carter, the country of Iran attacked the territory of the United States and lawlessly took many American citizens hostage. All during his presidency, to his great weakness and discredit, America was made to feel humiliated as the new terrorist nation called them cowards, taunted them endlessly, and paraded the unlawful prisoners in public (in violation of the Geneva Convention which the far left holds so dear.) They watched helplessly as their continually abused fellow citizens were held captive in barbaric circumstances, and their yellow-bellied president hid under his desk. Still to this day, the thought of the cowardly impotence of Mr. Carter makes this American's face flush hotly with shame.

    Only mere minutes after taking the oath of office, Mr. Reagan received word that Iran had released the abused American hostages, those who still lived, and that they were on their way home.

    Mere coincidence? A gesture of good will? Right.

    Some say Reagan's only legacy is that he refueled British ships on their way to the Falklands. I think not. And I am not alone.

    But I do know that good men died in that faraway conflict. Good men on both sides. And so I will leave it to those who never served their country in the military or otherwise to make fun of it.

  8. Oh how I love winding you up, Max.

  9. Carter also fed the people of Central America and prevented Communism that way.
    Reagan supported right wing thugs and killed thousands for no reason!
    Hundreds of thousands world wide died because of Reagan! Iran certainly was not afraid of him! They were more concerned with Saddam!

    Thatcher put millions out of work,
    failed to create jobs and blamed them! She also followed Reagan in attacking Goose Green during the Falklands conflict. There was no reason for this attack and many died, yet she gloried in the result!

    Their judgement will come!

  10. @Adullamite - Wow. You've been drinking heavily, right? I mean, fun's fun, but let's try to drift back down to planet earth, shall we?

    "Carter fed the people of Central America and prevented Communism."

    Please. America has ALWAYS fed Central America in some shape or form. Under EVERY president. You make it sound like Carter did it out of his own pocket. And the only Communist government EVER to exist in Central America came to power during the end stages of Carter's failed presidency. All Carter managed to do in Central America was give away America's canal in Panama.

    I'm still not sure this isn't just another of your off-the-wall jokes. Should I be taking you seriously? But then, perhaps they don't have history books on Pluto.

    "Reagan killed thousands for no reason... "Hundreds of thousands world-wide have died because of Reagan..."

    Adullamite - are you fucking insane? Reagan bombed Libya, destroyed three tents and mortally wounded two camels. Then he invaded Granada for Christ's sake, liberating a few exchange students and a warehouse full of nutmeg. Are we talking about the same Reagan?

    Or are you referring to the transient puppet governments in Central America again? What would YOU have done, supported the Commie insurgents? Yeah. Very realistic. Power to the people, bro.

    "Iran was certainly not afraid of [Reagan]."

    I wonder how many people on planet earth believe that besides you? Is that why they released the hostages while he was still giving his inauguration speech? Are you on crack?

    "Thatcher put millions out of work,
    failed to create jobs and blamed them!"

    Ummm... are you referring to her refusing to spend more taxpayer money to prop up failing non-competitive industries in your country? I'm sure I am missing your point - I don't know nearly as much about your country as you seem to know about mine.

    Frankly, about the only thing I know about the situation is that in 1979 your fellow countrymen were extremely pissed off at the state of many things in the United Kingdom, and, that year, Margaret Thatcher won an election with a mandate to get some drastic changes effected. The changes your fellow countrymen demanded included reduced state intervention, the creation of free markets, and the encouragement of entrepreneurialism. I think she may have done some of those things. I may be wrong, and I encourage you to set me right.

    "There was no reason for this attack and many died. She followed Reagan..."

    Excuse me, General Adullamite. Goose Green was a heavily fortified Argentine position very near the British landing zone at San Carlos. It was much too close to the British beachhead to simply be ignored. British forces fought a stubborn enemy all through the night. The British prevailed. The Argentine forces surrendered unconditionally. Many stockpiled weapons were seized. 17 British were killed and 50 Argentines were killed. Unfortunate, but not exactly epic losses when placed against other battles in the annals of military history.

    Four thoughts come to mind:

    1. The British did not start the Falklands war.

    2. In a war, you don't NOT attack your enemy simply because you don't HAVE to. Your job is to kill your enemy until they surrender.

    3. Ronald Reagan wasn't there.

    4. Their judgement has already come and gone. A candid world judged them both to be patriotic and honorable.

    Lay off the bottle. Float back to earth. Get a grip on yourself.

    And thank you for your rather wild-eyed comment.

  11. Once again, dear readers, I have fallen victim to the idiocy of posting anything which shows pictures of political figures. I should have learned my lesson with the Sarah Palin post a couple months ago. But noooooooo. So thick is my head.

    I come across a picture of Reagan looking like a wax statue and endeavored to share it with you. Suddenly I find myself having Daniel Ortega flashbacks and liberating the Fauklands. Never again. All I REALLY want to do is share our cultures. Crap.

  12. Make that "Grenada." I THINK that's how you spell it.

  13. I find this unbelievable! Your man Reagan was elected by cash from South American despots! His policy was to end Carters support for human rights and allow these to kill thousands. Was this OK if they killed 'Communists' or is it only wrong when Communists kill folk? How many years of slaughter took place in his name, while he preached 'liberty' and 'democracy?' Carter not only encouraged 'hearts & Minds' he prevented insurgents, and 'crime of crime' did not cut taxes, which after all is all that matter in the land of Mammon. Reagan sold arms to Iran to pay for Contra rebels in Nicaragua, killing thousands over many years. Yet claimed innocence. Possibly he was asleep as the joke Colonel obeyed orders.
    The idea that Iran was scared of Reagan makes me laugh! They had just been invaded by Iraq and this cowboy says 'Boo' and they run? Carter had been negotiating the hostages release, Reagan interfered so he could get the credit and win the 1980. He bought the Iranians, gave them parts for their weapons took glory in the release which Carter would have brought earlier, and then saw them used on the US forces in Lebanon! (What were they doing their anyway? Firing big shells into the hills from ageing warships and killing civilians!)

    Reagan not only invaded Grenada - against the wishes of the Queen (this was British territory) but after telling Thatcher he would not - while his men were incompetently moving in! They did not even have that under control!

    He lowered taxes, cut welfare spending, stood on unions and let the rich get richer and the poorer suffer! No wonder the mad Baroness liked him! I won't even bother with his increase of military spending to cause wars throughout Africa! Just how many millions died for his 'liberty' I wonder? i would not be surprised if he actually never worked out where Africa was! Did he ever learn the name of the right wing tyrant who led the rebels in Angola? Did he laugh at the suffering in Somalia - a cause so good that the Commies have gone and the Islamists and pirates now rule there!

    If ever there was a film of his life John Wayne would be the only one fitting to pay the part! One joke following another!

    Goose Green was not a military target! This small airfield was to
    be left alone and merely guarded while Port Stanley was taken. The man in charge wished to use his men properly yet the mad Baroness insisted on a needless attack, killed her own men and handed out medals to cover her glorying! She even took the Victory parade march past - something only royals should do!

    The millions she put out of work, the blame she gave to them came back on her when even her own party disowned her. The country in ruins, a few enriched US style, and the rest suffering! Riots in the centre of London, almost unheard off! Lunatic asylums closed down and the people on the streets, many sleeping in cardboard boxes, that never happened before 1979!

    Two hard hearted selfish people who cared for money, and their friends, but allowed thousands to die for nothing! If it had not been for Gorbachov bringing the Cold War to an end we no doubt would have seen the absurd 'Star War' policy brought in and nuclear strikes. Just as well Reagan fell into another doze before he could press the button!

  14. Adullamite, thank you for setting me straight. I bow to your superior knowledge, insight, and the fact that you are privy to so much inside information denied to many of us. In fact, I must admit I am more than a little embarrassed to have challenged you at all, armed, as I was, only with the facts. Thanks again. Truce, please.



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