Saturday, December 20, 2008

My new president

I see in the news where Obama, having finished appointing his cabinet, has turned his attention to the need of constructing an indoor basketball court in the White House. It brings a tear to the eye. Such a common man of the people. No privilege at all. So refreshing. Just as the liberals promised.

This is tongue-in-cheek. I have not turned against him already. Better sports than war, hey?


  1. Another meaningless Yankee game......

  2. All sports are meaningless. Too many are not strong, just drugged. Is Obama good at Basketball? Don't answer that!

  3. In other news, the White House will be painted black, and will henceforth be known as the Black House. And the Statue of Liberty will be converted into a giant Aunt Jemima. Among other ignorant statements.

  4. @Redbeard76 - I'm guessing you don't understand what "tongue-in-cheek" means. This post was a reaction to a news story in the Wall Street Journal which stated that..."During the campaign, Mr. Obama said he planned to replace the white House bowling alley--installed by Richard Nixon in 1969--with an indoor basketball court."

    My post was an attempt to bring out the obvious hypocrisy of a new president who was elected on the promise of "change" possibly spending taxpayer money on frivolous projects just like all the good old boys who preceded him - in this case Richard Nixon.

    But, unlike you, I was unable to immediately make the connection between the fact that Obama is a good athlete and in great physical condition, to the color of his skin. Thank you for pointing out that oversight.

    Man, you are one sick racist. Paint the White House black? Aunt Jemima? Jesus. Wouldn't you be more comfortable over at the Daily Kos? What do you have against our new president that you would talk like that about him?

  5. Me racist? No... just exemplifying the "tongue-in-cheek" humor I've heard repeated by conservatives...

    Now if you don't mind I'm heading back over to Daily Kos to be with like-minded free thinkers. But occasionally I do come out of my comfort zone to see what the other side is doing.



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