Thursday, March 20, 2008

Max Refloozified!

In case they are too small to see, those are flowers.


  1. Oh, now she just looks tacky. I know! A burka!

    Give me a break. I'm at work, and I work for Catholics.

  2. Does anyone remember seeing that Cameron Diaz movie "There's Something About Mary?"

  3. I'm sorry aerten. I can't help the way Max dresses me. I'm a good girl, I am.

  4. wow, she must be getting her brazilians with a lawn trimmer!

  5. Hello marmelade. Thank you for stopping by. I hope you will elaborate on that comment for me. Another new word for me that I haven't yet been able to find my various reference books. You sound like such an innocent young thing that I'm sure it must simply be the name of a flower. But I have become a little gun-shy of late, so I won't venture further than that.

    I have been reading some of your stuff. I hope you will hang around here for a while and drop by from time to time. Your story is intriguing to me, and your writing even more so. Thanks again for dropping by.

  6. ah, the words stay in the way of our fun!

    brazilian = bikini wax, my dear sir. so add that to your dictionary!
    get it now?!? cos i think it's a damn good joke.

    thanks for checking out my adventures. intriguing, you say? is that good or bad, cos i can't decide.

    anyway, the really funny thing is that i was gonna write a post about bikini waxing before i saw yours. so, i guess, great minds do think alike.

  7. Marmelade

    I don't know about that "great minds" thing. I have a feeling there is only one great mind at work here, and it sure isn't mine. :)

    I still like the word though, even if it isn't strictly a british euphemism. Or maybe it is--I'll have to wait for input from my American visitors on that. Of course, if YOU are American, then that settles it already. But since you are both young and also aware of the existence of Bernard Shaw, I suspect you are not.

    I have placed that word, by the way, on the most current post that is now above this one, in case the others might choose to comment.

    Also btw, the history of my Floozy would take you a pretty long time to discover if your only source of info were my several previous posts to this blog, so I'll write back to you later and tell you how she came to be in this sorry brazilian-needing state.

    Do come up to the current post and sit for a spell.

  8. Marmelade

    Good or bad? I dunno yet. Let's leave it at intriguing. I will have to stalk you a little bit before I know for sure. :]

  9. Dear Marmelade:

    "Damn good joke?"

    Well, its witty. It's really clever. Funny? Not so much. But then I no longer expect British humor to actually be FUNNY. Not to a crass American, at least.

    Please don't go away mad. I'm only trying to get you to disclose where that home was that you've run off from. I'm suspecting it is somewhere in Her Majesty's realm. I haven't completely (compleatly?) discounted "American" yet, though.

    Read my old post about witty British humor, btw. It's the one with Alan King's picture. If you write back and ask me who Alan King was, then I'll know you're not American (or are probably too young to be reading this blog). :) :) :) :) :)

  10. Actually, my dear sir, Pygmalion had long existed before Mr. Shaw. In greek mythology, of course, which is so dear to my heart. My mother used to read Ovid to me when I was in the cradle.

    Regarding my sense of humor, although I'm quite fond of the what you call "english humor", your American effervescence never ceased to amaze me and therefore be a constant object of emulation.

    I do not know who Alan King is, apart from a certain racehorse trainer.

  11. Then read the fucking post. (Hope you don't mind my American effervescence.)


    As to the true origins of Pygmalion, I can't adequately express Max's utter fascination! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Sorry. That wasn't meant to be an insult. Max's claws just got stuck between the keys. You understand.

  12. btw (as you teenyboppers are so fond of texting), your skin is still passing the BritishSpeak thickness test. Are you ready to be probed a little deeper?

    :) :) :) :) :)

    (The lady Claire once told me that lots of smiley faces would let people know when I'm just being sarcastic. So many proper British young ladies have fled this site already.)

  13. Well, I'm still recovering from you calling me a patronizing bitch, in your own special words.

    I don't know what it is that you want to probe, really, but it sure ain't there. So let's keep it at this level.

  14. As is often the case with these exchanges with intelligent women, sooner or later their words begin to go over Max's head.

    I have studied my comments carefully , Marmelade. I don't see what you see. May I please be perfectly clear, so there is absolutely no misunderstanding? I don't think, in the least, that you are a "patronizing bitch". I think you are a very cool, smart, and interesting young woman.

    And, I know I'm not intellectually able to stay up to your "level", but I'll sure try--because I have started to like you and I want you to feel safe coming here and visiting from time to time.

  15. I have only popped in briefly to check in due to the fact that I am off to bed and then off to work tomorrow and probably won't get a chance to check in again until Sunday, or something like that!

    Anyway - the floozie looks she's decked out in her Easter finest and as far as a Brazilian goes, yes - that term is used here in America for the very thing Marmelade said it was. It's not really a British term at all but is named after the country in which the practice originated - Brazil. Little bit of trivia for you ... in Brazil it's actually called depilar - which means to wax or pluck hairs.

    If you'd like we can get into a lively discussion on the various other types of waxing but I rather doubt that's the purpose of this blog, right?

  16. Ah, no. I've had enough bush talk today, I think. You've probably seen my exchange with Marmelade. Nice lady. There's more over at her blog. She wrote a post today on bush. And that's not President Bush, either. So she got me started. Or I got her started. I forget. She's pretty cool. Hope she comes back again. Probably won't what with my big mouth, right?

    Get some rest, young lady. Missed you today. Check the other blog when you can, please. Night.



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