Saturday, November 22, 2008

Today in Dallas, 45 years ago.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, descendent of Irish immigrants, son of a U.S. Ambassador to the United Kingdom, war hero, Pulitzer Prize winner, 35th president of the United States of America, youngest person to be elected to the office of President, one of only two people ever to ascend to the presidency directly from the U.S. Senate. (There has since been a third, Obama.)

Assassinated on this date in Dallas, Texas, 1963.

JFK Museum, Hyannis, MA, July 2008, Photo: Tom Osburn. Click to enlarge.


  1. They say everyone - of a certain age - remembers where they were/what they were doing when they heard the news on that day.

  2. I was 1 1/2. My brother was 4 months old. My father was ill and dying. But even my mother remembers that day. That was not only the waste of a life, but probably set in motion a number of the worst political decisions for years to come.

  3. Yes, so sad. And I don't believe all the conspiracy theories put forward by Oliver Stone and all the others. Simply a misfit, a malcontent looking for a little favor in the eyes of his fellow misfits and malcontents. Much like Timothy McVay, I think. Or however you spell his name.



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