Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Secret Service code names

The U.S. Secret Service, the agency charged with protecting the President and his family (and other important government officials) has chosen the code names for the new first family, we are told. The code names all will start with the letter "R".

The new president will be referred to as "Renegade" by the Secret Service.

The new first lady (a woman of many talents) will be called "renaissance."

Daughter Malia Obama will be code-named "Radiance."

And little sister Sasha Obama will be "Rosebud."


Vice President Biden will continue to be known simply as "That asshole from Delaware."


  1. I like VP Biden's code name the most, followed by Sasha's.

    Tagged you in my latest post, btw. You're it.

  2. Hee hee. I have to admit, I'm StILL confused over the choice of Biden.

  3. Hmmm. Yeah. I don't get it. Why all the Biden hate?

  4. R.R.R.R. One must be able to roll their tongue to code that out on the walkie talkie... lol

  5. there's only 2 things that come out of "Deleware" - steers and queers - and I don't see no horns on that thar asshole.

  6. I hate how you have to be all important and stuff before you get to go by a cool code name. "Ms. Fucking Awesome, Esq." still hasn't stuck in my household.

  7. @Candy - Hi. K. I'll try to think up some lucid thoughts. :) Good to see you on the blog prowl again. I was beginning to wonder about you. Cool.

    @Janet - It is very confusing to me too. Usually they try to find someone who can deliver some voting bloc that the candidate wouldn't otherwise get. Go figure.

    @Sage - Yes. I am incredible in that regard. Be sure to tune in tomorrow when I outdo myself. :)

    @Redbeard76 - No hate, man. It's just a joke. That's what a lot of people call him. Heck, his wife even calls him that sometimes. besides, I have no control over the Secret Service.

    @Chica - True. Arrr. :) Rrrrrrosebud has left the building. You're still crazy kiddo.

    @Petra - I've never heard that one before. You're mean. :)

    @Grumpus - Herro. But I think Grumpus is a great code name. Don't be blue.



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