Sunday, November 30, 2008

Where are you: phase two

You people are amazing.

Okay, I'll admit that these are not superstar national landmarks like, say, Big Ben or Tower Bridge. But sheesh! They are quite famous. And, if you don't mind a neutral observation, it wouldn't hurt if you would stop feuding North and South and visit each other occasionally. Just sayin'. Like it would KILL a Yorkshire man to be caught after sundown in Cornwall. Anyway.

So here is what I'll do for phase two. I will tell you all the 12 cities. But I still won't match them with the numbers. Or maybe I will. No I won't. At least you can narrow it down. And, frankly (hint #2 here btw) they are 12 of your largest cities and I just looked up some of the famous landmarks in those cities.

And... some of the guesses so far may have been right, maybe not. Okay, Lady Godiva was pretty obvious - an American could've gotten that one for Pete's sake. But I am not telling you the others that may have been right.

And if you try to google I will know it and you will be disqualified.

Here are the cities, but not in correct order by number:

Truro (Cornwall)

Repeat, if you google, you are nothing but slime.

Why do I think you aren't going to do any better?


  1. You're right. I give up. What was I thinking. ;)

  2. Don't give up! But unless I'm allowed google, I give up, apart from adding that yellow dog for Liverpool.
    Guesses then.
    Truro 11
    All right, that's only one guess, I guess. But then that makes two. :)

    I've been to Plymouth and don't recognise any of those as Plymouth I'm afraid.

    Another guess, the arch is in somewhere like Sheffield or Leicester. And in 12, the stone of the building makes me think west country, so Bristol. But in all honesty, I've no idea.



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