Sunday, August 10, 2008

Frog Pond

Children take a break from the summer heat with a splash in the Frog Pond at the Boston Common. The Common is the oldest city park in the U.S., dating from 1634.

My main recollection of this picture? The lifeguard lady constantly droning over the sound system, about every 90 seconds or so, "No running! No running! I said STOP RUNNING! I mean it! I will clear the pond if you don't stop running!" And the 5-8 year olds, and perhaps even older, paying her absolutely no mind whatsoever. Ah, to be that age again.

Below photo: Wikipedia. Above photos: Tom Osburn


  1. Aren't those frogs beautiful! I'd want to stroke them.

    It can't be easy trying to watch over children in that situation, but how do you stop children running around? It's their natural state, isn't it? :) They had to close the Princess of Wales memorial fountain because of people injuring themselves, and it now has several wardens.

  2. Someone has stolen one of your consonants. Be vigilant. The foul evildoer shall be unmasked.

  3. I didn't know that there was a frog pond at Boston Common - I'll be darned! My Boston hostess has been holding out on me! I'll have to go check this out the next time I'm up that way - which will hopefully be sometime this fall; I really want to go to Georges Island out in Boston Harbor and check out the old fort there!

  4. a.-irresistible! As you can see by the shiny bronze showing though, they have been stroked a lot. The park is about 50 acres, right in the middle of downtown. There is an old burying ground on one side. There is a large parking garage under it so you can go under the street and then take the elevator (lift) up to the park level. There are several little buildings where the elevators are and I forgot which one mine was (it is a big park). Took me a while to find my car. :)

    Soubriquet - thank you for pointing out the typo. Be especially vigilant at your own blog over the next few days as I probe your own perfection. :)

    Where have you been lately? I know, I know. Comments work both ways. I'm coming.

  5. Hello, Linda. Yeah, little froggie pond for the kiddos. The swan boat lake is just across the street (Charles St.) from the park. You need to ride in those, don't forget. Didn't make it to the Fort. Just to Old Ironsides and the docks where the Tea Party was. We were going to take a boat tour of the harbor but I took too much time messing around and it got too late. Would have been nice. Have fun. :)

  6. random I know, but I love frogs.

  7. I shall go there at once, and insert a few...
    I'm just taking a battering on the subject of Kafka, send me a bucket of assorted words as quick as you can, the keyboard is red hot and I'm almost out of ammo.

    Frog Pond strikes me as one of these modern oxymorons, a place whose naming surely negates the name, I'll bet no frog has had the temerity to venture into frog pond in the last eighty years. Around here, we have new housing developments proudly named, for instance 'Badger's Glade'. If ever there was a badger, you can be certain after the dozer blades cleared his woodland, he was never seen again.

  8. See, Soubriquet, look at pictures 2 and 3. These are frogs, or reasonable facsimiles thereof. Thus, the pond is known as the frog pond. QED. No?

    Drive-by kisses? Sorry :) The idea entertains me no end.

  9. Those frogs must have been apart of the frog tongue massacre back in 89. poor bastards haven't had tongues for years, no wonder they are fishing! LMAO

  10. Caroline, love frogs? But don't love birds.You are very fickle with the animal kingdom, aren't you?

    Soubriquet, actually I have already found a double comma. But of course I would never mention that publicly. Oops. :) And you fully deserve to be taking a battering. One does not analyze poets or poetry. Do they? Well, "one" does, I guess. :)

    Chica, this is true. No tongues. I can't imagine living without a tongue, can you? I don't think I could even fish, just thinking about it. And stop sticking yours out right now. Don't think I can't see you! :)

  11. a. - did we not agree that we will not use Latin in our comments? Hmmmm?

  12. "a. - did we not agree that we will not use Latin in our comments? Hmmmm?"

    Probably. QEA. Quod est absurdum.

  13. re:
    Poets and Poetry, well yes, In general terms, I prefer not to analyse, nor deconstruct, I often prefer not to know of the poet's own life, because quite often, that knowledge can ruin the poem for me.

    Maybe that's the subject for a blog post...

    Kakfka came along as a subject in another blog, and I thought those quoted words so pompous that he deserved to be poked at with a pointy stick.

    Soubriquet is not a person of any literary import, and thus has none of the immunities so frequently awarded to the likes of Mr Kafka.

    Secretly, I suspect that Soubriquet is an agent-provocateur for the literary thought-police. Beware.

  14. Soubriquet -

    NIC ?? Indeed.

    As a general rule, I try to steer clear of illegitimate children who wield grinders.

    A blog post regarding poets and poetry? Ahhh .... tread carefully, Master Soubry. I understand you are still in recovery from your last Kafka beating.

    ps. I didn't want to mention this 'publicly'; however, Braccae tuae aperiuntur.

    No! - no thanks necessary! It was merely the polite thing to do. :)

  15. Oh, Impossible Blossom, quidquid latine dictum sit, altum sonatur.
    The legitimation of grinder weilding children is a subject we must all be concerned about, and I urge you all to give generously, because as those children grow, they will seek bigger grinders, and more sparks. Only by legitimisation can their dreams be realised.

  16. wield, not weild, oh dear, my brain is crumbling.

  17. Master Soub -

    Oh! Was I speaking Latin again? Silly me. Sometimes it just sort of slips out...

    Out of respect for the wishes of Senor Relajante Max, I think it best that we take our latin verbage elsewhere.

    RE:"The legitimation of grinder weilding (sp) children is a subject we must all be concerned about..."

    Here in the Colonies, we like to pontificate: 'For change to be effective, said change must begin at home.'

    To translate for you:

    It is most unfair of one to label the poor children bastards, (NIC), whilst attempting simultaneously to create a grassroots campaign to legitimize the grinder wielding tots.

    I question the sincerity of your motives ... but then again, I do tend to question practically everything you say.




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