Thursday, August 28, 2008

Natives of...

I remember one of the places the adventurer Gulliver stopped in his mythical satirical travels was a place called Lilliput, where the people were only a few inches high.

So, you can imagine my amazement when I was researching BritishSpeak to discover that a person who lived in Liverpool was known as a Liverpudlian. I don't know why, but I connected that name with a person who lived in Lilliput.

I have since found several other very interesting names for people who live in other (UK) places. Here are a few, below. Can you name the cities? Ok, so I've already given you the first one. Also, please add any other interesting ones you think of.

Manc, Mancunian

What is a Taffy?
What is a Soap Dodger?
What is a Sassenach?

Some of these are starting to get derogatory, so I will stop here. Answers below.

Taffy = Welsh
Soap Dodger = (derogatory) Edinburgh term for Glaswegians
Sessenach = (derogatory) Scotish term for the English.


  1. Liverpudlians are also known as Scousers pronounced to rhyme with cow-sirs. Cockneys? I suppose everyone knows that one.

  2. No way! Marmelade? Is that really you? ::smiles widely::

  3. a. - I have read that. Rhymes with "Mickey Mousers." Something like that. Didn't get it either. :)

  4. Lola aka REAL SNACKS lover

    follow the link ...

    lola is a slow typer: big paws ... small keyboard


  5. Manx from the Isle of Man. Not part of the UK, but it's in the frigging Irish Sea.

    Also: they have the best flag ever.

  6. The frigging Irish Sea. ::Smiles at Grumpus' return:: Manx. No tails, right? That is a good example. It goes on my list. Thanks.

    Checking the flag now...

  7. a. - Sloppyin. Slopshire. No way. "Slopshire?" You're making this up. You are taking advantage of my ignorance. You are havin' a bi' o' sport wi' me.

    (Everybody: a. is on her way back to France right now. Expect even more haughtiness soon.)

  8. hi max.

    you've been a great pal. normally i don't go for the little dogs - sort of yappy and always nipping at my awesome tail.

    but i like you. you're showing me the ropes around here. and i have to give you respect for being top dog and all. plus, i'm just a pup.

    wanna play?


  9. yes, i'm back from israel. way to busy with deadlines now, for i had way too much fun in west bank :-)

    still, i keep an eye on you, as i want to keep pace with the civilised world. do i tackle it right, maxiboy?

  10. Marmelade - How good to hear from you! You must catch us up to date with your adventures. Israel, huh? We miss you. Be safe. Stay crazy. :)

  11. Dunno if this counts but there are a number of social groups with different names, mostly in the youth of the UK such as Townie and Chav

  12. Sassenach was a term used by highlanders for those south of the highlands. It derives from the word 'Saxon' which as you know goes back to the 'Anglo Saxons who came from various parts of Germany and took over England in the days of long ago.
    The language in central Scotland was influenced by those over the border in England. This was called 'Lallans' (or something similar)and to the highlanders (who spoke Gaelic) this was a type of 'Saxon' language. Hence all south of the highlands became 'Sassenachs.' Today most consider it to refer to Englishmen, although personally I reckon, 'Bombastic,' 'arrogant,' 'self opinionated,' and 'ignorant of anything outside of their own life' more appropriate. :)

  13. I'm a true Taffy, born on the banks of the Taff in Cardiff.

    Max, see if you can figure out where Cantabrians and Leodensians are from.



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