Monday, August 25, 2008

Old Ads from Max's old mag collection

Yummy: Leave him alone, sister. This bloke's bowels are bound up solid!
Max: Why don't you go buy some titties, mama?
Yummy: Hello! It's roughage, by gad!
Max: He said "nad" heh heh.
Yummy: Did not, cornholer. heh heh.
Yummy: Hell yes! Whoopie! Don't get too far from the loo, though!
Max: What the hell's that floating in the water? Seaweed? Brown seaweed?
Yummy: Yeah! Brown seaweed! Heh heh. Splash him with it sister!
Yummy: No. No better way than to eat shovelfuls of Kellogg's overpriced bran chaff! Eat our crap and crap!
Max: He said "crap" heh heh. Just like Butthead and Beavis. Heh heh.
Yummy: Did not, butt munch. Heh heh.


  1. You should definitely start a web comic blog. You are a crazy nut!

  2. That's how the f-plan diet works, or used to when it was fashionable. Eat enough fibre and you can't stay away from the loo long enough to eat anything else that might be more pleasant, hence fattening.

    PS, nut is right! Probably tastier than All Bran too. Hmm. Maybe not.

  3. too bad humans aren't more like us dogs. i can eat anything: toys, squeaker boxes, rubber balls, tennis balls, any kind of bone, shoes ....

    but i LOVE SOCKS !!! yep, i can eat a whole basket of socks. sometimes i just bury them for the fun of it - or for a snack later on. i've even eaten those loonngg soccer socks....

    yep. no problems here. in one day. out the next ....

    you humans are strange.
    Eat more socks!


  4. @Ettarose - am not a crazy nut! YOU are a crazy nut!

    @a. - am not a nut! What are you trying to say? That Max gives you the trots?

    @Lola - My favorite baby girl puppy! C'mere girl! Let Maxie rub your belly. You can eat a whole basket of socks? Ooooooo! Not the sort of ruff-age you need, chocolate one! Sit. Stay. Come back again. :)

  5. oooo - maxie - rub a little not there - over to the side .... AHH woof! you hit the right spot.

    any snacks available?




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