Thursday, August 7, 2008

Prince Harry's new mission: building a new school in Africa

HRH Prince Henry of Wales
As most Brits know, Americans simply DOTE on your Royal Family, secretly longing for a monarch of their own, just GAGGING to have some special people to honor and cherish. And support. Well, we have politicians that we support, but it just isn't the same, is it?

So, you will forgive me, I hope, if I report to my fellow Americans about a GREAT DEED OF COMPASSION AND CARING which one of our American idols - and yours as well, of course - HRH Prince Henry of Wales, is currently undertaking.

His Royal Highness, incidentally, although he is too modest to brag, is a lieutenant in the Household Cavalry's Blues and Royals regiment, and fully trained to lead 12 men and 4 vehicles, according to an army news release. His war record speaks for itself.

The feeble powers of this humble writer are too inadequate to describe what this beloved royal has currently taken upon his shoulders to accomplish, and so the following is excerpted from news reports of his mission's progress:
Prince Harry is once again raising a hand to help the AIDS-stricken African nation of Lesotho, this time building a special-needs school with his army buddies from the Household Cavalry's Blues and Royals regiment.

Harry, 23, says he hopes the facility in the northern town of Butha Buthe will be the first of many that can be provided by his Sentebale charitable foundation, reports Britain's Telegraph.

**"At Sentebale, as long as we can keep funding the projects, we can make a massive, massive difference," the newspaper quotes Harry as saying – as he was building a ramp to help disabled students get to school.

In 2004, the then-19-year-old produced a TV documentary, The Forgotten Kingdom: Prince Harry in Lesotho, about the plight of the nation.

Once completed, the Thuso Centre will welcome more than 40 children with severe physical and mental disabilities – the first such school of its kind in the small kingdom.

"Everything here is just so positive and fantastic," says the royal. "Once the project is finished, we hope to make another in the center [of the nation] and one in the south. The children of Lesotho, the vulnerable children of Lesotho, that's what we're working towards."

At right is a photo which I have procured for my special friend A. - a staunch supporter of this blog and of the royal family. In the picture we can clearly see His Royal Highness actually building a ramp to help disabled students get to school. Please note the simple workman's shirt and rumpled pants, and work-scuffed shoes, silently portraying the prince's deep connection to the common people. See how he casually leans on a shovel as he carefully contemplates his next move. Can you not FEEL the calluses beginning to grow on his hands? Can you not, if you look closely, SEE the tiny beads of perspiration that are beginning to form on the royal forehead? Note how the regal head is thrust forward with determination to complete the task at hand, a trait ingrained from so many generations of pure royal breeding. How very proud must the British citizens be right now as they read these words! And how unfulfilled and envious the Americans.

[**Denotes actual words spoken by the prince.]


  1. Yes, I will admit to more than a little envy of the British right now. Especially to A., who is a life-member and regular contributor to this royal charity.

    But I know she is too modest to even admit this publicaly, and so I give honor where honor is due Bravo, A.!

    How I envy your love and devotion to this hero and his family!

  2. Thank you Candy! Yes indeed, I do contribute, because it seems the royals (as we call them) don't quite have the wherewithal to fund the project themselves.

  3. How true, A. I have always wondered about that. Oh, well, at least the get the proper credit.

  4. He's really good at handling a wheelbarrow, don't you think? Obviously plenty of practice.

  5. Dear a. - if I may respond to your solicitation mailing for this charity you support so devoutly, I'm afraid the answer is "no", my dear. You see, I do not support the royal family with such unquestioning loyalty as yourself. Sorry. But good luck in your efforts on behalf of the prince.

  6. Eleanor, Eleanor?, we must be kindred spirits. At least as long as his father, nudge nudge, is alive there won't be an 'Enery the Ninth.

  7. I really think you're being a little harsh there Sheila. Don't you know we no longer have to bow or curtsey, whether it's Charles III, Camilla I, Wills or Harry however many, if we really don't want to? The Royal Family have now entered the 21st century.

  8. Prince Harry Potter has clearly been casting some spells. He can't have failed AS Level magic after all.

  9. So he's practicing to be a straight highway worker by leaning on a shovel? Excellent!

  10. A BAFTA award-winning performance.

  11. How original, Prince Harry. Queen Oprah beat ya to the punch on that one. She's our royalty.


  12. Redbeard, you are right. I never thought of that. And Madonna too. Although Oprah, as you say, would be the queen for sure. Not sincere, you think? But they all do some good, right? Well, not Madonna, I guess.

  13. Are you sure you don't still have to bow to royalty? Sheila still does. In fact I saw Sheila on her fuckin' KNEES in front of Wills last week. Har!

  14. Prince Harry is a great man, a man who will one day, rule this country dressed in Nazi regalia while snorting coke out of his dad's anus.

  15. Queen Oprah and Prince Obama... O2... Oxygen... Africa... It's like coming full circle. Or something.

  16. Wolfman, I had forgotten about the Nazi dress-up that he thought was so funny! So sensitive to the elderly British who remember spending their nights in the bomb shelters. What a card he was. Nazi dress up! How fucking in touch is that? Har!

    But must be wrong when you intimate the royal family has ever come in contact with illicit drugs. That's a bit of a stretch! :)

    Of course, it is not an American's place to make fun of your leaders to be.

    (Like you guys are hesitant to belittle my personal hero George Bush, right?)

  17. He has his mothers caring heart and love for people.

  18. Frostygirl, thank you for stopping by today. I am always happy when I see you comment. I think you are right. :)



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