Monday, August 18, 2008

Scientists: The UK continues to grow.

For a long time now, there have been reports of the growth of the UK. Most of us have simply assumed this referred to population growth. Today, this myth was set to rest as scientists confirmed that the UK land mass was actually growing at an alarming rate, now completly covering Iceland. There is talk of a UK-USA superbridge, using Greenland as a mid-point, but engineers say it would be best to wait for a few years, as a bridge may not even be needed before long.

One happy side-effect of this tremendous growth: the British government is currently giving away large quantities of land to political supporters currently in favor.


  1. 1. At the clever store!

    2. I guess I don't get the question, Sheila - maps of "Big Britain" are avalable all over.

    3. I made it.

    4. None of the above.


  2. I can tell for a fact you didn't make it yourself: France still exists, and I know your mission in life is to have it wiped off the face of the earth.

  3. @a.- But I did make it. In PhotoShop. Even without Chica's help. Honest. I missed the opportunity to shrink France's ego. Darn. Well, I can still go back and paint it brown at least. :)

  4. True, the UK is getting bigger all the time. Cornwall now threatens Spanish borders. Not to worry.

    If it continues like this for long, that bridge you talk of will about 6 foot long.

  5. The UK government can start with The Isle of Sheppey. There's nothing there of notable importance. A few habitual drug users and some pikey scum. That's about it really.

    Oh and they can also do away with London and Cardiff while they're at it. Perhaps then, the BBC will actually find some new locations for the next series of Doctor Who.



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