Monday, May 26, 2008

Guest posts on Lord Likely appearing now

Relax Max authors some poor substitute posts In Lord likely's absence. It would be really great if you went over there and read some of Max's ramblings about sex in 19th-century Australia. Australia? Yes, there he is in Australia. Thanks!


  1. It is a pleasure to welcome you to my fine journals, Mr. Max.

    You have done me (and my Lord Palmerston) proud, sir.

    Huzzah for you!

  2. that picture is some kinda scary......

  3. Hi petra. I know you are 'way to demure to actually read Lord Likely's blog, so you'll just have to use your imagination about how this bouncing lady fits into the story.

    But do stop by and visit yuor friends at our new pub. We don't REALLY bite. :)

  4. hmmm ... poor botter always get it ...

    how was your holiday, max?

  5. Hello Marmelade. Yes, poor Botter. But you will be pleased to know that he finds true love in the next episode. Of a sorts. I must caution you against actually returning to the Lord Likely web-log, however, due to your tender years.

    My holiday was nice but uneventful, thank you.

  6. Ciao Max!
    are you joking me?
    Thx for the droPP,
    ;) vado in Australia...

  7. Hanna, not joking. We now have a new pub. I want you to come and visit us. Look in the sidebar and click on the big red and blue button.

    I will buy you a drink. :)

    But you have to pretend.....

    Or, just go:



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