Sunday, May 11, 2008

Is Max Up For It?

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who read a perfectly awful blog called "The Astonishing Adventures of Lord Likely" and those who don't.

The incredible Lord Likely is an occasional contributor to this blog. I am more than honored to guest-post on his legendary masterpiece sometime this week.

C'mon—you know you've always secretly wanted to see the pure little angelic puppy dog unleashed. Now's your chance. Ok, ok, this will not exactly be Relax Max at his filthiest (Lord Likely is not THAT obscene!) but the volume will be turned up decidedly.

The Rev. Qelqoth, the Lovely Miss Claire, and other blogging legends precede me as guest posters while the Lord and Botter roam the Earth. Start reading YESTERDAY if you are not yet a regular reader.

Hope to see you there.


  1. Max, I know I tease you a lot on this blog, but I have to admit I first fell in love with your writing. I follow the Lord's adventures and you will do more than fine. I truly adore you.

  2. who is this "little angelic puppy dog " that you speak of?

    I am looking forward to the post.

  3. I was beginning to think someone had done away with my Caroline. How nice to see you back again.

    Angelic. Pure. Me. Of course. Ettarose will tell you. Even though she lies. I think we both know what it was about me that she fell in love with. Writing. Ha!

    Hope you both are having a great day!

  4. I am having a good day, finally got to sit down for a few minutes.

  5. Good. Then I won't spoil it for you by telling you what I am dreaming about right now. :)

    btw, just got off the phone with Mum. Wonders why you haven't called...

  6. She must have a short memory, I called this morning :)

    She's happy, as she gets 2 mothers days :) I sent her flowers.

  7. So you are saying there are two Mother's days? Perhaps she was just distracted from hearing from her favorite blogger again so soon.

    At any rate, you gave an incorrect answer, so you don't win.

    The correct answer was: "Please tell me what you are dreaming about right now. Especially if it is something perverted that has something to do with me."

    Sorry. Not a chance now.

  8. England has mothers day on a different day from the USA.

    Well, I just hope it was a happy dream.

  9. Now max, why would you tell little Caroline that I lie. Even if I did, you are not supposed to tell you know.

  10. omw... omw ... omw ....

    So will you be lord likely's new man servant then?? whatever shall we call you?? maxwell with the trembling todger??


    Go max go!

  11. ooh ooh oooh...

    I got another one!!

    "Maxwell and his Mumbling Member"


  12. becauseican-sorry, you have to be over 21 to get in Liittle B.

    But since the posts are already written, I might arrange a private showing for you, if there were anything in it for me.

    Your chance to jump up to the number one slot, too.


  13. Ah yes. Brigit the comedienne. Say, did you ever find that 19 year old blond adonis and the jackhammer? How did that turn out, anyway? Just askin'...

  14. what happened to your lovelly doodle killer plant posts?

  15. Ettarose, no need to worry, I know not to believe everything Max writes.

  16. I know I don't swing by more often than I could do but the thing is, I'm usually busy procrastinating in some form or another.

    But I'll be looking forward to your guest post. For someone who has a weblog devoted to the understanding of British patois, it'll be interesting to see what you come up with.

  17. Sir,

    Just make plenty of references to your 'Mini Max' and you shall do just fine.

    - Lord Likely.

  18. So they've come by to gloat, have they?

    Of course they both know Max has bitten off much more than he can handle this time.

    An ignorant American trying to write in British English using British slang is bad enough.

    But no. Max had to do in 19th century Victorianese as well.

    It is to laugh.

    But I'm sure you won't.

    And all I have to do is toss in a few nonsensical archaic cuss words and write some sex scenes without using any truly vulgar words. Is that about it?

    No that's not it. I had his lordship transported to Australia as well.So there's that little extra bit of linguistic fun.

    On the bright side, Botter is in love!

    With a sheep named Dolly.

    What great fun we'll have.

    Lord? Rev. Qelqoth?

    Hell, they're already at the pub singing drinking songs and playing darts.

    What the hell do THEY care if MAX is out here by himself swinging in the wind?



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