Saturday, May 3, 2008

Been there, done that...

A passionate ignorance.

Just in case you are not getting why the above picture of anti-China Olympics protesters is funny (or at least ironic)...
You should know that there WAS an Olympics held in Nazi Germany. You should also be made aware that, during those Olympics, Adolf Hitler's Master Race got it shoved up their asses by American Jessie Owens and others.


  1. I like it. Are you feeling the flame of your convictions? Are you feeling young? I know how old I am but in my heart I am still a skinny little eighteen year old who wanted to change the world.

  2. Dear S.

    Yeah. Me too. Sometimes it gets me in trouble. Still changing the world though, in my own little "underground" ways. I learned long ago that the only thing they understand is a kick in the nuts. And not always figuratively, either. Haven't got arrested lately, though, knock on wood. :)

    But Christ!--I'm not old enough to remember the Nazi Olympics! Give me a break! (Just kidding. I know you weren't saying that.)

    "Burn, baby, burn."

    I mean, "Keep the faith, baby!"

    Wink, wink.

  3. I remember the Vietnam war. Some. My parents thought they knew everything. I think they trusted the Government back then more than they should have. My Father hated hippies and God help any of us that called the cops "pigs"
    I was a hippy and I did not believe in the war. I was too young and dumb to really understand what we had done but I knew people were dying for no good reason. All the protests and petitions did nothing.

  4. That little sassysheeit needs to stop posting for me. She is so out of here.

  5. Of course when it suits, they, whoever "they" are, are happy to bring politics into sport. South Africa was boycotted for years. Now, what's the difference I wonder?

  6. Not going to soapbox here (would write even more than Max, potentially), but is that a real current banner? Because bloody hell, some people are scarily ignorant.

  7. Catherine, yeah, sad but true. A current protest over the upcoming olympics in China. They feel that they shouldn't be held in China. A little late, since that decision was made like 12 years ago.

    I do agree with their protest, but am embarressed at their general intellect.

  8. Max, There is nothing wrong with all you have said. There is so much going on in the world right now and the saddest thing of all is most everyone these days are PUSSIES. We cannot change anything unless everyone wants a change, hell we can't stop the war or gas prices or inflation unless every man women and child steps forward. There is no unity. Sometimes I feel like sheep being led to slaughter.I have to stop for a minute. So many things just piss me the hell off.

  9. >They feel that they shouldn't be >held in China. A little late, >since that decision was made like >12 years ago.

    In that sense, any Olympic protests are pretty stupid. For example, Vancouver is all in an uproar about the expense of hosting in 2010, despite $ not being available for silly stuff like healthcare. Indeed, the anger comes little too late.

    However even if we can't change the past we can bitch and complain and try to keep spend-happy officials in line (ha!) The budget's been overshot by like 1200% and new ideas just keep being rolled out, like a spoiled kid's letter to Santa. Without the flying robot unicorns. So far!

    Now, on the subject of that picture, it's nice when people arm themselves with the facts before proceeding...

  10. @Grumpus-Yeah. The time for effective protest is when there are a few people in the process of making big decisions--try to "persuade" them to make the right decisions. The trouble is, the "committees" tend to be made up of people who WANT to bring the olympics to China or to Vancouver, or wherever. I can't imagine there being any citizens with an opposing view actually sitting on such a committee. So THOSE citizens must protest--LOUDLY--even BEFORE the committee decides; they need to demand input into even the SELECTION of such a committee. I says. (And I hope you give me credit for that semi-colin hidden in there, ok?) :)

    Bottom line--we, as concerned citizens, need to keep ourselves in the loop at all times when big decisions are being made. Keeping us in the dark until it is too late for effective input, is the stock and trade of these people. Think about it Grumpus.



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