Saturday, May 31, 2008

Pub Names

Here are some names of pubs that can be found in the Northeast of England:

Crown and Cross Swords (a.k.a "The Croon")
Kings Head
Bellamys Bar
Company Row
The Demi
The Freemasons Arms (a.k.a "The Masons")
The Grey Horse
The Soviet Union Bars (a.k.a "The Union")
The Turf
The Coach and Horses (a.k.a "The Coach")

The Derwentside Public House
Derwent Walk Inn
The Jolly Drovers
Horse & Groom Inn
Britannia (a.k.a "The Brit")
Duke Of Wellington
Smelters Arms
The Golden Lion
The Punchbowl Inn
The Black Horse Inn
The Miners Arms
The Braes

Thank you Caroline. She says this list is from memory. Hmmmmmm.


  1. it is from memory. There's even more that I don't remember... If I had drunk less, and retained more brain cells, I might be able to remember them all.

  2. For some reason blogger won't let me sign in to post :(

  3. Caroline, I know it is. I believe you. I was just amazed is all. An innocent young thing like you being able to remember all the pubs in her home town after several years. And what is even more amazing is you never even went inside. Hardly at all. perhaps a little. quite a lot, actually. Part owner in 3, in fact.'

    But why not? Sorry they won't let you post. Don't have a clue what i am reading here. (I know. I know. I am Just teasing. We are missing your smiling face avatar. Don't give up. :)

  4. That's not all of them... just a selection... :)

    I think I can post today :)

  5. Caroline, I think I am beginning to like your town more and more. Any town with that many pubs either knows how to enjoy life, or else has endured a great sorrow. I have learned that both of these things apply in your town. But perhaps I shall still have a conversation with Mum about her wild daughter. Who seems, pub and dart and snooker knowledge notwithstanding, to have turned out not all that bad, by the way. ;)

  6. We used to have this pub called "The Jolly Roger's Arms". Inside, there were many nautical objects adorning then pub. They included a ship's wheel, a sextant, a fake anchor and a compass.

    Thing is, the nearest water to this pub was a small river which ran through the village and also, a small canal. No high seas for looting. Just a tiny river and a slightly larger canal.

    I used to think that a pub catering to pirates was a bit odd in the middle of the countryside. Then again, most people are a bit mad around here.

  7. I don't know from British pubs, but I do know a sexy-ass top when I see one They should just put that chick on the sign and bugger off with the cheeky names.



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