Friday, May 2, 2008

Lord Likely: Kidnap Victim?—Or Dashing Time-Traveler?

Lord Likely himself in modern times? Could it be?

Or is there some OTHER sinister plot afoot?

Queen Victoria Herself? HOW COULD HE!!

And the good-hearted, partially reformed lady of the evening, can she prevail over the wicked forces?

These answers and much MUCH more in mere days.

OH! The horrors--and ecstasies!--that await...

Astonishing, indeed!


  1. Lord Likely in modern times, do we need to send out a warning to all husbands and fathers to keep there wives and children out of his way?

    I am waiting in anticipation for the answers, and even more so to find out what the much MUCH more could be...

    How long do I have to wait?

  2. Heh. Not long. And it will be worth it. :)

  3. Dear Max,

    I would like to know how to control this urge I have to shove my tongue down your throat in a disturbing and raunchy manner?

    I hope I do not have long to wait for my answers.

  4. B. Let the tongue thrusting begin. Or whatever else you have in mind, Mighty Princess.

    God! Why do you give me such a horn when you show up? I think good fortune sent you. You don't know what I'm going through this morning.

    No waiting at all. :)

  5. So we can do anything we like to him?


  6. Claire, not sure what you mean by that. Assume you are talking about Lord Likely...

  7. I am so excited, I fear I may have soiled myself.

    Does anyone have a moist towelette to hand?

  8. Where the fuck have you been? Milord. I've got your moist towelette right here.



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