Friday, May 30, 2008

You Only Live Twice

Along with the British music invasion of America in the early-to-mid 1960s came a British movie invasion as well, mostly in the form of horror flicks starring Peter Cushing, Peter Lorre, and Vincent Price. All were standard drive-in movie fare (which, therefore, no one actually watched anyway.) The second wave of the British movie invasion of America, after the horror flicks, was a phenomenon known as "James Bond" or "007" films. Dr. No. Thunderball. Goldfinger. All of these movies starred a handsome Scot by the name of Sean Connery. All of the moves had the same general theme: bad guys trying to take over the world, good guys thwarting them—always accompanied by plenty of guns and plenty of girls. A proven combination that has been repeated ad infinitum.

The sixth James Bond movie, and the last to star Sean Connery in the title role, was a movie called "You Only Live Twice." I am reminded of this movie because it was the one which was later spoofed by Mike Myers, spawning Dr. Evil, Mini-Me, and, of course, Fat Bastard. This spoof movie, in turn, was a part of my second post ever on BritishSpeak, the one in which I first encountered the non-devious Claire. (This post is being rerun a few posts down below this one, by the way, if you want to reprise my introduction to the non-devious Claire.)

As with several of the other James Bond movies, the title song to the movie also got quite a lot of radio play. The theme from Goldfinder (sung by Shirley Bassey) is an example. The title song from this movie "You Only Live Twice" became quite popular for a time as well, and was sung by Nancy Sinatra.

You only live twice, or so it seems,
One life for yourself, and one for your dreams.

You drift through the years and life seems tame,
Till one dream appears and love is its name.

And love is a stranger who'll beckon you on,
Don't think of the danger or the stranger is gone.

This dream is for you, so pay the price,
Make one dream come true, you only live twice.

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Goldfinger Live Twice

I want to apologize! I started this post early this morning (USA time) and posted the words to the title song first. Then I had to go out suddenly, intending to add the rest of the post when I returned. Of course it was not early morning in the rest of the world, and of course there were some comments when I returned mid-morning. The comments, of course, were on the meaning of the words to the song. Please let me apologize to the commentors, thank them for their insight, and assure all of them that I myself am not nearly as deep as they give me credit for. Please? I want to leave there comments up, because they were so very good, I thought. Thanks.


  1. I believe you live only once whether 'tis in reality or in dreams so don't walk away from chances that might take you different paths just because they are unfamiliar and you are scared to risk the familiar safe path.

    Regret is a long time companion when you are old enough to look back at what you have done and achieved with your life.

  2. Oh man, is that deep. How would you know? I mean if a dream or a stranger is that second life? I would hate live with regrets. Life is so much easier in our comfort zone. Not saying it is right, just so comfortable.

  3. Stirred, not shaken :)

    Don't even think about it.

  4. i get the metaphor, but, unfortunately, from what I see so far, you only live once, whether you like it or not.

  5. WTF? If you're gonna keep posting here I'm gonna have to re-add you to my blogroll(s.) See you at the pub.

  6. NO, NO, I couldn't let it pass.
    There was a reason for the switch of words. Think about it. Considering the previous comments.

  7. Did you guys have the "Confessions of..." movies staring Robin Askwith? Those were bloody awesome, it must be said.

  8. @qelqoth-No. Not that I have ever seen anyway. But a quick check on Wikipedia shows I have definitely missed something. If you liked them, that is enough recommendation for me to search them out on DVD. I also note that Askwith starred in on "Carry On" film. Another series I apparently missed. Comedies? I presume.

  9. You haven't watched any of the Carry On Films?

    Do so at once!

  10. Sage, how are you? Good to see you back. I decided to make a post now and then just to keep everyone up to date. No more than one a day, though. I think you are right about only living once. Still haven't figured that one out. Maybe they are talking about leading double lives? Or not being able to live the life of your dreams?

    ettarose, it really isn't that deep, you are just knee high to a grasshopper and everything looks immense to you. See? And stop trying to think on my blog. :)

    a.-You are the only one who guessed the real significance of the words before I posted the rest of the James Bond info. But you still have to be contrary, don't you? You couldn't just say "shaken, not stirred", and let it pass... :)

    Canucklehead-Don't worry man. (I will post, just not as frequently, probably, and not on the subject of gathering new words. Probably. Whatever.) :)



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