Saturday, March 22, 2008

But we need a narrative, too.

In addition to simply including an index or list of selected examples of humorous British slang and euphemisms, as fully outlined in the lengthy previous post, of course we will also want to include a continuing narrative in the book itself, that brings all this together and makes our project a writing project instead of just another book of lists.

We want to take a British saying, such as "bugger this for a game of soldiers", and talk about it in some sort of "story" fashion. Like writing a post about it, I would guess. Maybe we could make these "posts" or short stories be the actual "chapters" or sections of the book. Lists of examples, as described in the previous post, could simply be sprinkled in, or be in sidebars throughout the book, or whatever works. I've even toyed with the idea (and you probably have as well) of even including edited versions of some of our actual comment threads. Looking back, some of them are very funny. I think other people would think some of our conversations were funny, too (almost like "intruding" into someone's private diary. Who wouldn't like to do that?) Well, that may be straying too far afield, perhaps. But maybe not. Some of it could be included within a larger chapter, perhaps.

So, don't think we aren't going to write. Here is where people like Linda can shine by turning an American-written chapter/post into a delightfully british-sounding post (to an American, at least) which would be so outrageously incomprehensible to an American reader that it would absolutely have to then be translated into "American" for them. I think what Linda does is hilarious. (And if Max thinks it's hilarious, it gets to go into the book. After we vote, of course.) And Aerten, we need art, and magpieszone, we need design ideas. And we need analysis and we need to be brought down to earth sometimes. And A., and Alison, we need more examples from well-traveled, well read people. If Catherine should choose to return, her insight and critical thinking would be invaluable to us. And Claire, we need somebody to make us lighten up and bring us up off the earth from time to time. Nobody can do that like you. And, m'Lord, we need that heavy dose of irreverence and, yes, bawdy double-entendere. The kind of stuff you can do is universally funny. You are our male equivalent of Linda, only slime-like. No offense, Lord.

And so on with every single one of you. Editing. Writing. Analysis. Translation. You are all so very talented. Stick with me here.


  1. Go to the foot of our stairs! I think this is a gradeley idea, as the actress said to the bishop. Most definitely spot on! I just hope I don't bugger it up so that the book ends up being nothing but bum fodder.

    We'll all just have to do the business and make sure the completed book is wizard!

  2. Dear Lady Linda:

    How favored by your very presence at Linda Manor the servants must be!

    What you've written is EXACTLY what I am talking about! What an absolute TREASURE you are, my dear!

    The form of the book is slowly materializing in Max's poor fosilized gray matter, as I'm sure you are detecting from his evolving posts at BS2--and another there before the day's out. (Shorter, I promise.) :)

    Re: BS2, btw, writing actual writing assignments loom, I fear.

  3. I like to lighten the mood wherever I go, its down to my cheery personality :)

  4. You do, Claire. I know MY mood is, ummmm, "light" right now. :)



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